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  1. I agree completely here, a South China sea themed map would be awesome, i would love to see a terrain based on the Paracel islands but on a grander scale (like a much bigger island with other small islands). Keeping with the trends of modern day world powers, i believe within the next 20-50 years the U.S. and China will inevitably become military adversaries, and I have been wanting to get together a large modding team to make a huge Sino-American war mod for Arma 3, when enough resources become available. The mod would create a modern day(2014-2020 time frame) PLA faction, and USMC faction, with modern day vehicles weapons, etc. There would be no better place to have these factions fight than on a large scale, South China Sea themed terrain. Some things i would love to see on a large scale island: -Mountain region(similar to the Altai Mountains) -large modern cities like Shanghai, Beijing, etc.. -agricultural area, for rice paddies and such this, no doubt would be a huge project spanning months(possibly a year or more?) of time, but i think it would be something a lot of Arma 3 players would love and play for a long time