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  1. Hey guys, I'm having some script problems with my mission I was hoping I could get some help on. 1. I have a group that starts the game in a transport (HEMTT), everyone goes where they should. Except the group leader who refuses to spawn into the drivers seat and always goes to the passenger seat. Hopefully one of you can see where I'm going wrong, see script below (the script is placed in the squad leaders init field). 2. I'm trying to set up a boundary for the mission area. Is it possible to have a trigger that repeats while the player remains in the area, damaging incrementally for every second they are outside they combat area rather than killing them instantly. And if this is possible...how? Thanks in advance Preston
  2. Ok, after a few days of fiddling I've finally got my respawn system to work as intended. I still cannot get these AI units to spawn though. Tired wrapping the condition in () as suggested, to no avail. Has anyone got any ideas about this? J
  3. Couple of questions for the experts today. I've got a co-op mission that works perfectly if I set the number of respawns (I've got a basic respawn limiter) and the number of enemies. I have however, been trying to get the mission to auto-balance itself. So if more players join, more enemies are spawned and the respawn limit is upped. Initially I tried using: players = playersNumber west; publicvariable "players"; But as I'm sure you know that returns the number of playable AI, so the respawn limit always get set as if there are 10 players. Is there any work around for this as it is doing my head in! Also I was trying to use the "Condition of presence: players >=5;" field to spawn more AI when there are more players. I cannot get them to spawn, anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance. J
  4. Ok, so I'm trying to equip a soldier for a mission I'm working on. The soldier carries a sniper rifle as a primary weapon and has a short barrelled rifle in his backpack. Now I'm running into trouble when trying to put attachments on the weapon in the backpack. Is it possible to do so, in which case...any ideas? Or am I just barking up the wrong tree. Thanks J Here is the relevant section of the script: (unitBackpack this) addmagazineCargo ["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",5]; (unitBackpack this) addweaponCargo ["arifle_MXC_F",1]; (unitBackpack this) additemCargo ["FirstAidKit",1]; (unitBackpack this) addmagazineCargo ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag",1];