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  1. hi, after the latest marksmen update we are experiencing weird issues, on our server we run our custom mods, but sometimes (and it's very random) textures won't load and clients crashes.

    the mod includes weapons (wich work) vehicles (working) and custom camos 8wich occasionally won't load)

    if someone reload the game it's possible that the textures get loaded. seems a issue with arma 3 sync, but the same occurs with the default arma 3 launcher

    anyone having the same issue?

    did bohemia change something for modloading?

    all our clan members use arma 3 sync and we all have the same mod repository and we also use keys so the mods are always updated and we use the same mods (or you get kicked)

    help? :(

  2. Arma 3 Zeus Editing/Scripting for Fatigue

    I can't seem to find any help as to what could be done to get the fatigue reset or even disabled when playing Zeus. I know of the debug console, but all the scripts i input into the window don't seem to work during gameplay, Im trying "player setFatigue 0;" aswell as disabling and enabling fatigue with multiple commands. Is it just not possible for Zeus to run a simple command either with an auto command/reset, or just by reapplying the script?

    i just need a way to not get the units super fatigued, not just for me

  3. amazing work so far...reading the comments it seems that guys want too many things

    for me it's ok as it is apart from the instant reduction when resting

    when i hear people talk about "pivoting" and actually having the gun phisically on something it reminded me of an anciant game that had all of this realism.

    turns out it took 15 minutes to be able to shoot at something :

    go at : 10m 50s

    guys, remember that many prefer to have fun in a credible way, realism is not fun, and realism and credible are two differnt words ;)

  4. And this is downright disastrous! They should engage at 800m with no hesitation, nor matter their sights. It should just be an area target with abysmal accuracy.

    Did you guys ever notice how EVERY single A2 AI mod, without fail, increased AI engagement ranges dramatically. Hell, it was usually in the first few lines on the feature list.

    i am sorry but, no. just no.

    it's pointless to engage at that range

    also, i would like to ask if vanilla ai can still engage choppers or jets and kill the pilot in 1-shot?

  5. Well in SPOTREP there's this:

    Also it's recommended to verify cache of your Arma 3.

    Just some workaround tips if needed.

    just veryfied the cache, still same issue. no "background scenario" (aka ocean) and there is a very strange bug with the weather in sp mode, the sky is always bright, i tried some campaign missions and the weather feels like it's stuck on 12:00 am :j:

  6. Yep, small update. You no longer get the option to select if you don't want to launch the launcher, it just launches the launcher and to my suprise, it crashes when you click play and says you are offline. I tried restarting, everything.


    Better wait for fix?

    just finished downloading 800 mb of patch, the launcher is cool, but the game won't load the background "scenario" and can't enter any server right now,


  7. Lol, no, I have good and bad to say about both games. You guys seem to have the hardened opinion. As for the community, you mean the 10 people who actually post a lot on this forum? I keep hearing this "we", "the community", where are they?

    ---------- Post added at 05:52 ---------- Previous post was at 05:50 ----------

    Yeah, hopefully they'll make some good ones. I just wish the devs would quit waiting for the community do it, and do some themselves. They are the ones that have the resources, the time, and the money. And their the one's we paid for a AAA game. Their are BF 3/4 players who have praised this game. But they like the maps in BF better. A shame, because this game has better graphics, realism, and weapon / character handling.

    don't bother with them..even a dev said directly to me that i should play elsewhere...i came back today after a few months to see if something changed, guess what? same old story

  8. Bottom line: Windows is only good for simple minded people wanting to click and play, or those wanting to make a quick buck.

    I have used both Windows and Linux, and still find Linux (or Open Source) to be more stable and easier to work with when compared to proprietary code. The root of all Windows' problems is basically the proprietary code and Microsoft's intentions of continually hiding debugging functions, or other useful features from users. Microsoft is in the business of selling software and hardware, not to please or provide useful features for the end user. Windows 8 has pretty much made this clear. I shudder to think the reason why we are being made to patiently wait for Windows 8.1 patch while the patch has already been pushed to retail, the patch maybe slated to break Windows 8 desktop user experience even more than when Windows 8 was first launched! Windows XP was by far the best operating system they pushed. After Windows XP, they added a mess of nonsense eye-candy, effectively ruining the desktop experience. Many were further dismayed by the handling of 32 bit to 64 bit conversion, leaving 32 bit hardware dysfunctional while the open sourced hardware drivers available under Linux were easily recompiled for 64 bit platforms. (ie. Many Windows users having hardware only using closed or proprietary sourced hardware were stuck as usual, and forced to again buy newer hardware if they chose to upgrade to newer Windows versions. But I suspect rightfully so, as they chose their own ways.)

    Those stating Windows is far better than Linux, must be gamers and Microsoft only coders. As for me, I've coded under many platforms, and will choose Linux every time for development work. Albeit, CYGWIN makes Windows bearable to work with for when a programmer is forced to work on Windows. But they're still plagued with having to escape the forbidding non-printing chars on command line console. (ie. I tend to create a Bash alias for change such directories, ie alias cd-arma='/cygwin/c/Windows/Program\ Files\ \(x86\) ....') It's what forces Windows users' to depend explicitly on the GUI, versus using the CLI. (ie. Command line interface, typing on the command line for those that know how to type, is usually much faster than those hunting for menu GUI items, with less mouse clicks.)

    Bottom line, when the Bible was Open Sourced with the King James version, did it make the world better or worse? I also think both open source and proprietary code have useful features, but the end user will likely have more choices when using Open Sourced code. Basically the choice of living an honest life, versus a life of hiding in the dark.

    I work as a soundproducer...and my setup is supported only on windows. i dare you to find me an alternative with linux. i even tried ubuntu for a couple of months, yes it's a good os if you plan to use it to surf the internet and if you are a programmer with loads of free time..loads of issues with support of hardware, it took me 1 week to install drivers for my printer, and i never fixed issues with my old rig because the old graphic card were not supported.

    and good luck if you are a neophyte with the os, because there is no tech support beside the forum..it took a week to realize that my hardware simply were not supported..if this is living in a honest life i'm sticking into living in the dark age where everything is supposed to work as intended..

    ..simple minded people my ass!

    don't act like a hipster, if people prefer windows or mac it's not their fault.

  9. when we have budget of 100s millions be sure there will be more PR than articles on main media and some trailers ...

    until then we prefer to spend that on workforce ...

    @GottyPlays as custom you don't care, you either accept it or play something from another arcade factory, you get plenty of titles each 6m

    oh boy i've hit the wrong button? i said that i expected more, not that i want to puke everytime i look at arma 3 :/

    and just to be clear, i still payed for your game and i even tested it for you guys in alpha.

    maybe you guys don't have the millions in your pockets like the big companies, but you clearly got their attitude with customers.

    as per the review scores, i'd like to link a very good read on the matter, and why i think that reviews should be picked with a grain of salt:


  10. imho my only comment was that there are only like 3 scores below 50 who gather all the negative about Arma 3

    (QT3 is actually quite nasty to every title so i assume stuff like Colonial Marines and DNF got 5%)

    people ignore the massive difference of magnitude of budget / teams behind BF3/4 vs Arma 3 ...

    and lot of people simply expect they get what they got in other games , from A to Z ... not realizing it will be just another clone of clone of clone

    Even if i understand the huge problems of the developers with the release, i still don't understand why customers should care?

    i don't usually read reviews but usually i look youtube videos befre buying games, OR i trust the devs because the previous iteration was a game that i liked..

    i repeat that i understand the fact that this is not a multi-billion dollar company but for the customer (i speak for myself) this is not something to rely on.

    and don't feel that the "quality over quantity" politic went so well...hence the mixed reviews.

    personally i expected more, as should i do, as a customer.

  11. Gnat;2526389']LOL .... well you're going to be bitterly disappointed very quickly.

    BI don't do non-standard stuff like working carriers and naval mods

    I'm already disappointed. i'm listening to the huge crowd that claims that bis will fix everything and will add a ridiculous number of assets for free (LOL)

    Seriously however Im not a huge mod fun, but only because i don't want to waste my time on selecting mods before going online on every server that i join, i don't understand why the game can't be good out of the box..but i don't want to derail this thread on the matter once again, i'm sick tired of fanboys on these forums :P

  12. Hello, I made this thread to just say a few words to all who browse this forum section often.

    I recognize that ArmA3 isn't done, you all do quite clearly as well. But I think that BIS won't be motivated to work overtime to finish this game for everyone if they all just bash BIS for the littlest thing and try to whip them into submission for the most minuscule of screw-ups in their project. We cannot appreciate their work that they have done over the past years in development, then? I know I'll get everyone to hate me for this, but show the devs some patience. You bought the game. You're funding their efforts to finish it. You're supporting them with money but you act like if you met them you'd punch their skulls in. Why? Can't we be constructive, helpful, and nice? All this place seems to get is hostility, toxicity, and hate in its threads. I just want it to stop. Yes, A3 doesn't feature as many units as A2 yet. But what have they done for us? They gave us a beautiful canvas of an island, the best controls I've seen in an ArmA game yet, beautiful graphics, better physics, and they're still working to give us more.

    Rather than spend our time bashing Bohemia and being angry, why don't we get creative, make mods, find bugs for them to fix, make suggestions, be helpful? BIS has seen a lot when you think about it - they want to make basically a AAA-quality game with a quarter the budget, two of the important developers were imprisoned, and now we can't show them the slightest respect. I'm not defending them to death, rather feeling sorry for them - I just want everyone else to support their efforts rather than work against them. BIS isn't a big evil company like EA, they're for all intents an indie studio. If you want to be toxic, be toxic - just keep it in one thread, and be constructive in the rest is what I'm trying to say.

    Whether you agree with my points or not - I'm just saying, please. It's been almost 3 weeks - Take a chill pill, put your pitchforks down, and report the issues you find properly, don't just make rage threads about them.


    i can't because i'm in since alpha, i can't be "constructive" because i know it will be a waste of time, because in 5 months the game is still pretty unfinished/buggy/sluggish...the top 10 tracker bugs/request are still there, and loads of the closed ones are not even fixed.

    i can't because i expected something that was never delivered.

    nowadays i expect games to be at least in a playable state, because you know, you give them money and they give you a game. and my money weren't broken.

    they are developers. they are a company. they are not my firends, what the hell do i need to hug them to motivate them to work? they promised to fix this huge mess, let's see what will they do about this. but please, these discussions are futile like the rage-threads. don't speak like you know the buddies in person, don't defend them like they are some kind of charity association, they are not.

  13. Usually it's the fault of the server itself. I have been online though - and usually I still get acceptable performance as long as it's not Wasteland/Life.

    i'ts always fault of the servers...so why there are no official server to play on then?

    i understand the op but nothing will change as proved by the last patch, it got even worse than before lol

    i should have reealy waited on reviews and stick with arma 2 because right now it's frustrating on every aspect.

  14. I really hope that this won't go anywhere...

    right now the only thing arma 3 offers is: User made missions and User made addons. Who is playing bis missions onlne? nobody.

    who still plays the showcases? after you play them a couple of times they become boring, and you start downloading scenarios on the workshop.

    if modders will start charging how many people would pay to play that wasteland mission?(80% of the serverlist)

    even if that mission would be super cool and everything, how could we try them before putting a single dollar? even bis missions tend to break easily, the game itself is full of bugs, how could we ensure that the bucks im giving for that particular addon are worth it?

    How many of you would pay for that shotgun that is missing from the base game?

    i would not for sure, i payed for a game, not for an engine that granted me access to user made missions.

    this sounds plain silly, maybe because bis intentions are not crystal clear however i hope that bis will clarify their plans.