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  1. 2000 $ "studio" headphones? im a music producer and i can assure you that those 2000 $ are totally wasted, you would NEVER EVER hear the sounds in a realistic way through headphones, nobody uses headphones to master lol... my god what the hell does marketing these days... +1 however, the sounds as i said before, are PERFECTLY leveled, there is a good overall equalizing and the sample rate is pretty high, i hear no compression at all, and that's good, as i said before the only thing that "lacks" is a "live" mid/side reverb, and a delay effect for echoes in valleys, but i feel already happy as how sound is treated right now, again it might be personal taste,but with my MONITORS (there is a huge difference from monitors to simple over eqed speakers) i can hear the sound how the devs intended to. and remember that the sound that i hear in my room could be totally different from the sound you hear in yours, every audio engineer should know that his song (or sample, movie or wathever) can be heard on good, bad and crappy systems, the trick is to try them all and try to find the perfect "middle". just give some time to the audio engineers at bistudio, they are doing an awesome job right now ;) edit: to clarify, i did not intend that your headphones should not be used in gaming / simple listening, just don't call them "studio" headphones, because nobody should not be using headphones for eq/mix/master purposes edit 2: ok i did not read THIS: this is the cherry on the cake...LOL i will stop the discussion right here, i don't want to start a flame in here, if you are really interested in sound enginering, please feel free to pm me
  2. GottyPlays

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    my exact same machine! i tought it was mid-ware.. :D great streaming, it was fun!
  3. GottyPlays

    Please use the full spectrum of Steam

    that's why we open threads/tickets about issues maybe?
  4. GottyPlays

    Please use the full spectrum of Steam

    i'm totally in for nr.2, that would be a very BIG jump for the multiplayer side of arma, the current browser right now feels archaic
  5. GottyPlays

    Properly Converged NVG & Binoculars

    it's useless if you only open a topic, open a ticket about this and i will upvote it!
  6. GottyPlays

    Quick poll about the game so far

    "Are you new to the series? * A2 for DayZ only doesn't count" why not? i bought a2 and a3 just for the mod support, and even if you "veterans" dont like dayz, it's still based on arma 2 and everybody knows that there will be a standalone game for playing dayz, so i dont' understand how dis could affect a3 sales? however, filled the poll :P
  7. when i was a transporter,with sofas and fridges i coul--HAD-- to open doors myself, but just for the moneyzz...imagine there is a guy shooting at you and the only option to survive is to enter that vehicle, personally i would put that rpg over my shoulder and opened the door with my left hand... edit: notice that english is not my first language
  8. you can eq and compress all the samples you want, but until some rtrue stereo reverb processing in game will be added, it will be a simple, static, sample.
  9. GottyPlays

    Arma 3 Linux Version ?

    xbox 360 lasted almost 7 years, and the new xbox one mounts a dx 11.1 card, do the math
  10. how can i find the sniper rifles and scopes? i tried placing ammoboxes but they are not there, not even on marksman units? i mean, how can i even spawn single weapons on ground? thanks in advance
  11. i think they are perfect for now, nice levels and very clean recordings. i love the fact that there are no super compressed sounds or megaa-bass-boost allover the place like battlefield, that game made my studio monitors clip
  12. Added: Stealth protocol + fixed various protocol bugs <- what does this mean? they fixed the ai?
  13. GottyPlays

    Arma 3 Linux Version ?

    aha! so that's why american mgee's alice runs like crap on my new pc! thanks pal! i will try to disable aero! im not sarcastic eh
  14. i just tried 2 hours on whole lotta stratis mission (SP) nothing strange at all! the fps were high (on dev version) tomorrow i will try some mp missions
  15. GottyPlays

    AT soldiers animations: odd behaviour

    totally agree, i can't understand how these things are still present! weren't they focusing on infantry?
  16. i have this exact same problem mate! really dont know where to look :( is a ticket open?
  17. GottyPlays

    SQF scripting - is it interpreted?

    what hte hell are you guys talking about? :O
  18. GottyPlays

    Issue with compound added NW of Kamino

    we got a firing range in the middle of the town here...it's a nightmare every sunday morning... :( they always wake me up lol
  19. 85 hours here, i fell in love with this game! 25 euros well spent!