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    Fatigue effects

    wow there are still forum users that want to impose on others ther thruth... i paid for the alpha like everyone else, im here to complain about something that i don't like (well its more something that IRRITATES me and other users) and YOU call us battlefield fanboys because i dont want that my soldier starts collapsing after 100 meters -one hundred METERS!!- if you like it THAT much, i suggest YOU to script the game and mod the hell out of it to put that goddamn blur with suffocating soldiers in. if the majority of the alpha testers (yes, we are testing an alpha alltogheter) think that blur should be removed, or atleast tweaked, so be it. i play the game how the hell i want, you can call me noob cod fanboy and how the hell do you want, but im here to test the game and to support it with feedback. this is a sandbox game, not a simulator, i came here with an high expectation of freedom and variable gameplay. if you want to force gameplay on us, you are the ones that should quit with the GAME. winner
  2. GottyPlays

    A.I needs a lot of work

    this. any news by the devs? why are we even testing the game if the major bugs ane not even addressed?
  3. GottyPlays

    A.I needs a lot of work

    ok i just tried for 2 hours some sp missions, there's definetly something wrong with ai, sometimes they act human, sometimes they act stupid...they get stuck by themselves, team members sometimes get totally unresponsive, they will NEVER use cover effectively, they will never use smokes, sometimes they will start walking even if there is no enemy in the area, they wil start shooting the first enemy they see without positionig themselves, mix all of that with clunky command control menus (i don't get how someone can use that menu during combat without dying, voice recognition could help A LOT) and one save per mission...yeah i got pretty much frustrated tonight :P i seriously hope that they fix ai, it's the N.1 selling point of arma, if they improve this,im sure they could go from indie to serious business in no time
  4. GottyPlays

    A.I needs a lot of work

    ai needs a lot of work indeed, expecially when driving
  5. GottyPlays

    Fatigue effects

    +1 so many times that happened to me... :( just like arma 2, this would be perfect
  6. GottyPlays

    Fatigue effects

    the blur have to go, i don't care if there is an army of masochist bi forum users that want to force it in for EVERYONE, i just can't stand it, it's still a VIDEO GAME. remove it at LEAST from the jog, why soldiers have to be punished for simple walking? i understand that devs dont want to turn ths into an arena shooter like quake with people bunny hopping and sprinting everywhere, but seriously, this is only a huge annoyance... in arma 2 was done right, we had freedom to move, now we are forced to calculate how hills will decrease our accuracy after 50 m walk...i prefer to concentrate on enemy and friendlies positions, this system encourages camping
  7. it happened to me last night, can't rmember the mission name, it was some kind of pvp domination map
  8. GottyPlays

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    i have this crash too, and happens quite often:nvidia 660 Firma problema: Nome evento problema: APPCRASH Nome applicazione: arma3.exe Versione applicazione: Timestamp applicazione: 51c85041 Nome modulo con errori: PhysX3_x86.dll Versione modulo con errori: Timestamp modulo con errori: 5164246f Codice eccezione: c0000005 Offset eccezione: 000df03c Versione SO: 6.1.7601. ID impostazioni locali: 1040 Informazioni aggiuntive 1: 0a9e Ulteriori informazioni 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Ulteriori informazioni 3: 0a9e Ulteriori informazioni 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
  9. GottyPlays

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    wE LOVE YOU! :D
  10. i came here just to complain about this, it's ULTRA annoing, AND immersion breaker for me, i can understand that they want to limit sprinting overall, but come on, the recoil is already too high, if i cant even make 100 meters before the guy start suffocating himself with lost of vision and starts aiming like a guy affected by parkinson's disease there is something wrong..this is not a representation of real life combat, it's just annoying as f#@# today i died 3 times in a row, always because ia can 1 shot from 400 meters and my guy after 1 minute of walking starts going freaky oh, another thing, is it normal that an armoured boat explodes after few hits from projectiles? please don't tell me that i've been hit on the "fuel tank" that scared the hell out of me
  11. GottyPlays

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    i can't wait to see beta content in this mission, with all those fancy new helis :D
  12. GottyPlays

    Time of day and colors are wrong

    really just don't act like the photos you mentioned are real...you can't take pictures and say thet's the "correct" colour in real life, only someone living in greece can say if it's close to real or not. for me its just perfect as it is, its much, MUCH more realistic opposed to nowadays "ultra pumped" games ala bf3 with supernova sun and pich black shadows
  13. For a player like me this seems awesome, but from developers perspective i don't think that this could be used, im not sure but i dont think that this could be used in arma due to copyright issues and licensing, as i remember open does not mean free
  14. GottyPlays

    Time of day and colors are wrong

    im italian and i can assure you that here in january at 7 am is still dark, however i agree about the saturation, maybe decrease it a bit on your tv like i did
  15. GottyPlays

    Vegetation Texture Pop-Ups Still Ugly

    no way, ssd user here and i have loads of flickering trees at 20/30 m
  16. a simple commo rose should be :1 simple to implement, its just a reorganization of the ui and should be 2 times faster than scrolling through text that appears in total random order... something like hovering the mouse on a near container opens up a commo rose around the crosshair with numbers on it, or maybe a similar menu but better organized, ala mass effect 2 or battlefield 2 inb4 "YOU WANT TO ARCADIZE MAI MILSIMULATORRRRR!!111!11!!!" guys, this is user interface, and for god sake, the clunkiness of a game is not related in any way to realism and military simulation...as i see it, the simplier the commands are, the better immersion sorry for archaic english but im awake from 20 hours lol
  17. GottyPlays

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    oh my god! i played your mp mission in arma 2 for months! and i loved that, i will try to help as i can ;) do you guys stick to stable branch? also my favourite feature from you mission back in arma 2 wat the alt gr button to show names, is this back in? edit: Found out by myself! my god this mission is awesome! got even good fps
  18. i just played in a dev branch server with a guy that had your very same issue! are you killer cat or something similar in game? if not your not the only one. i was on invade & annex server. on my end however it was pretty as usual.
  19. i see your point,but i'm not saying that mods should be erased from the face of the earth xD come on, you understood what i meant ;) look at how i see it: why should i bother modding a game that is still in alpha stage, when there are DEVS that suggest me to use the feedback tracker to do Q&A and add personal (or community) requests? if mod is a solution to a bug/missing feature, then people like me who do not intend to learn a scripting language for a video game are pretty much screwed, is my point clear now? im not saying that modding communities should go and burn in hell xD just don't use it as an excuse for the devs to not implement features, as i see it, bis is not implementing proper radio communications because (many user's words) "there is already acre for that". sorry but im italian and my english is gone rusty :P guess it's mission maker's problem due to a game still being in alpha stage? look at the shitstorm that happened just few weeks ago due to the change in some script changes (i did not understood a single thing so forgive me xD) i hate to read it, but i have to say it, it's still an alpha, so mission makers should wait to finalize their missions once stable build is released i think. aind however i can't see how a new entry in the actions menu could screw so badly a mission?
  20. i would prefer devs fixing bugs, and players play the game, not vice versa and be forced to learn modding and scripting to adapt and fix bugs for them. if devs can't find solutions to these (apparently simple) bugs, there's something wrong here. i mean i can understand that they wont implement huge requests like 64 bit exe, and loads of similar threads, but come on, things like the javelin shooting more than one missile, ultra weird ai, total disorganized action menu, and things of this kind should have been fixed in the past 2 months of the alpha program! it's even stated that they "should" focus on infantry combat in alpha, but in these regards i did not see nothing happen...however i hope im wrong, im not saying that they are not doing a good job, in fact i've seen the altis map yesterday on the livestream and it was quite impressive and all. but please, stop posting "solutions" like "hey, it's a very simple thing! just add this SCRIPT" "hey! but there's a MOD for that!" that's just wrong. at least for me.
  21. and that's why there is lack of improvement...you guys rely always on modding instead of asking devs to do this kind of things, i would appreciate if this "simple" command (maybe for you veterans, i dont even care to know how to set up scripts in this game) would be put in stable release of the game! edit: where's the ticket? ;)
  22. GottyPlays

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    Everything was fine until a guy popped up with a radio in direct com. This was not staged, it's the classic random A3 moment :D
  23. GottyPlays

    Lighting Tweaking (dev branch)

    i thought it was normal xD i got the same bug, and i got a 660 nvidia