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  1. I watched this again and i tried to fly lower with the plane, but using mouse + kb it's impossible :( i have to ask you: do you use some kind of joystick? i wanted to set up at least the xbox 360 controller but it's a pain! :|
  2. OMG! :O You got some skills dude! :O :O every second of the video i was thinking "how in the hell it did not blow up!"
  3. Aren't they? Just take a look in the mirror next time you lol for self entitled people...
  4. Expecting a polished near bug/free experience from a game that enticed QUALITY OVER QUANTITY for months after cuts and cuts? i hope you don't seriously mean that. if you do, i suggest you to play trespasser. that game was probably made for people like you :)
  5. GottyPlays

    No Women=Disturbing

    Agree with most of the posts..i understand that the release have problems, but this is a joke. there are loads of more important stuff to fix
  6. GottyPlays

    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    should the arma 2 launch be as example for future releases? or they could simply do that again..
  7. Well, as it seems... The butthurt is strong even in THIS one! ;) DM seriously. How can you beleave such nonsense? the community isn't the ceo at BI. it's their game. they make decisions with THEIR ip. how can this even make sense...i repeat, the community (and not some users on a thread) spammed the tracker and voted (as requested by bis themselves)...and yet the 10 bigger bugs/features on the tracker got ignored... please tell me how does this make sense? and who says that it should been in the game in the first place? there was a shitload of stuff that did not get in the game... however i don't understand why cut so much content with models and textures already made? aren't they pushing for dlc's i hope..
  8. This is the stupidiest post i ever read on these forums. You are sayin that bis admittedly dumbed down the game because forum users weren't happy about it? then why the top 10 bugs in the tracker aren't fixed yet? because are there by quite some time now hmmm really guess why...
  9. GottyPlays

    Showcase Review

    I really don't understand how they could design such bad showcases. i tried too to stay away but the commander always rushed to that damn village. and of course they got stuck in houses/rocks. and the infantry running over the battlefield without even aa...that's just plain ridiculous
  10. GottyPlays

    UAVs getting "stuck"

    I had this very bug happening a lot, now i know that it's another bug and not my end's falut
  11. Yes, just had it twice today..simply outstanding
  12. Thesneak, i had fun reading your post! very well made. i hope to see reviews like this, so finally the devs will understand all the rage on the forums. it's strange that i did not see a single dev answering all of this. Weren't they gods because there was a strong connection with the community?
  13. GottyPlays

    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    I am sorry if i have offended you, but usually people on this forum roughly act like this: -hey there are no good mp missions -stop bashing! let modders do the work! -hey i tried x/y/x mission in mp, but it lags and fps went on the knees! -stop bashing! the modder did not use good scripting! -then it's an engine fault? -Stop arguing, i run this game fine, so it MUST be your machine -but my machine plays well other games -Stop bitching, go play cod actually there are no missions with more than 20 ppl in it that won't suffer from the issues i described. i am reeeeally sorry that i have violated your personality with my post. however you did not respond to my question. and totally avoided everything in-between oh, by the way, even blue1 abandoned his project wich he put loads of efforts (and money) into it, simply because right now people can't play properly in multiplayer. and what the reason for naming ARMA 2 mod's in your statement is? i supposed we were talking about arma 3...
  14. Even if i am a little upset whit this game, trolling in their forums it's not a good way to change things...
  15. Sorry the ai that was destroying me and the squadmates not responding happened in the new Combined arms showcase, i should have mentioned that
  16. GottyPlays

    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    Is there anyone that actualy likes the problems i described?
  17. I did, i tried only two of them because i had to give up. Tanks blocking themselves in houses in infinite loops, friendly ai that still gets unresponsive, enemies that still can one-shot you behind some bushes...same old story for me. They should get rid of the commander's shouts when driving vehicules, they still spam "left!left!left!left!left!Faster!Faster!Front!Front!Front!Left!" Overall they should be good if they manage to fix these old bugs. I often ask myself if they even try their missions?
  18. GottyPlays

    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    This is incredible. A great number of users is disappointed in wasting 30/40/60 bucks on this damn game. Myself included. what the hell how can people play this whitout getting mad all the times? i tried again after a couple of weeks to cooldown myself and to see if there was improvments. NOTHING. even on release day. This game wants to be good at everything, yet exels in none. Single player missions? a huge mess, since the ai is too damn bugged to even finish one goddamn scenario. tried again today, the tank scenario got stuck because the commander stuck itself on a house. on the other one i kept getting one-shotted by ai behind some bushes. in 10 minutes i had to restart twice because my squadmates won't respond. Multi player? nope. there are no official servers so we have to play user made crap. tried benny's cti and this should be the best server to play on it has even an "headless client" (another copy of the game to buy, just to be right with the customers) that should help in limiting the tremendous amount of bad fps and should help to fix ai...well desync everywhere, huge warping of people, planes freezing in mid air for 5 minutes 20 to 10 fps WITH ONLY 30 PLAYERS IN and vehicules randomly exploding..i could go on for minutes.. i'm here from alpha, and i played on loads of different servers, no improvements whatsoever. Editor? how i am supposed to use it? i don't want to learn how to script just to change my loadout. Graphics? Gorgeous. But they still have to fix the fps. it's incredibly good looking but this engine should push a hell more frames. They wanted us to get in the feedback tracker, yet after 4 months of bugtesting for free this huge mess the top 10 tickets are still "Assigned" this is a kick in the balls, obviously IHMO Then there is the copy paste of assets, removal of the medic, still no fix for that goddamn fatigue level, the recoil is so damn high that my uncle with parkinson could shoot better han these soldiers. yet the bigger calibers like the anti material rifles don't have a kick when they shoot. Then i heard that they fixed the clunkiness of the soldiers...well they tried. still have to wait more than 45 seconds when i pick up a launcher from an ammobox just because im stuck in 4 pointless animations. I can't even switch guns while walking (i don't know why since in dayz you can) And i still have to find a reason to all of that underwater gameplay. "But! we got altis!" yeah we got this huge gigantic map...that we can't play on properly. I got used to people like you that try to defend this nonsense for whatever reason that i still don't understand. This game should not be sold right now. And before the old "hey if you don't like it don't buy it" argument i'd like to point out that i bought this game since i liked a lot a2 and expeted a huge progression over arma 3. and usually games nowadays don't troll customers like this. Then your argument it's pathetic at best, it's more like "hey i sell to you this brand new car! it's better than the old model! what? the wheels? well those will come later! why don't you just use taxi meanwhile?" I don't care if i get infractions for this post, since i belive that these threads are here for a purpose, and i see users that try to defend bis as huge trolls. if all of you are happy with the product i'm ok with it. if you try to close our mouths because you feel entitled to do so, then there are problems. i would gladly appreciate to know what plans BIS have to fix all of this, if they have any. Just to know when i should get back in this game again. All of this rage on the forums could be avoided if BIS would realize that this game was not ready. All of this OBVIOUSLY IHMO
  19. GottyPlays

    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    That was not preorder at all. 1. If it was a pre order, we should have paid the full price back then. 2. A preorder can be cancelled, yet i could not cancel the pre order. it's not the first time i pre order games, i already cancelled a couple of pre orders last year at gamestop Basically we bought the game 4 months ago. Call it alpha call it omega the game it's still the same. The fact that the cost go up near release, it's totally normal marketing, they simply wanted people to buy the game (almost unplayable) early at a lower price to support more the developing process. And before the fanboys attacks OBVIOUSLY IHMO
  20. GottyPlays

    Reality Check

    At least users would know if it's time to remove the game from the hd or not...
  21. Well, i'm not pretty sure but i tried arid and the fog still occured, i'm gonna check out later and report back! ;)
  22. this is something that bugged me alot, i tried every climate but after an hour i always get full fog.
  23. i think instead, that the futuristic approach is a tactic to minimize the effort in dev terms, like the weapons...how can we complain that the mxm (for example) is not simulated so well? its difficult to find users that have actually tried these guns (if these guns actually even exist, im still not sure but this is ot) ...now they have the excuse (i cant find other words really) to do whatever they want with the ballistics, and the result is same exact behavior for various faction weapons. if they stuck with the good old arma 2 assets, they had to spend more time to fix ballistics for every weapon. and the same goes for the vehicles i think, why try to replicate existing vehicles when they could "re-invent" other ones as they please? this IMHO is why we have content like this now. Wow! that's why vehicles have so few ammo.
  24. GottyPlays

    How do i get a refund?

    Wait, i was asking this myself. didn't the devs always say that by pre ordering the game we got full access to alpha and beta right? so if this is a preorder, dow do we cancel it? i mean, it's not actually a refund, and if the game did not came out yet...how does it work? im sure i even read a couple of post by some users about this, anyone?