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  1. On the same note, does anyone know the name of the Pelican rear door and gears for animating? Trying to make a pelican landing look a bit more legit.
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a way to regulate how long a simpleSentence is displayed for? I've got an initial intro happening where the simpleSentences are fired by individual scripts (haven't been able to get them to work with sleep commands in a single script).. But I'm finding the last display of text appears and disappears within maybe 2 seconds. Which isn't enough time to really read the sentence. Is there a way I can choose how long each is displayed for before another one interupts it? Or am I approaching the entire thing wrong with individual scripts for each simpleSentence being fired via triggers?
  3. Hey guys, i've had a search around and couldn't find anything that seemed to deal directly with this problem. Basically whenever I try to load mods either directly through steam or using a launcher, the mods come up in the list but clearly aren't actually working because things such as the A3MP map packs aren't listed in the editor and JSRS sounds clearly aren't functioning. This is where it gets wierd, if I load those exact same launch perameters into arma3.exe, the mods work fine, but the game is stuck at version 1.08. Whereas if I launch from Steam, the game is up to date (~v1.12) but obviously the mods don't work. Any thoughts? Hopefully that was clear enough.
  4. xzite

    A3 Launcher

    Anyone having trouble using this and latest version of ArmA3? Using A3Launcher seems to run the game at v1.08, then running without and launching straight from steam runs it at v1.10 (current patch)? Can't wrap my head around what i'm doing wrong here.
  5. xzite

    MK18 Mod 1

    Very sad to hear that you aren't inspired to continue your work mate! This is by far the most detailed weapon mod i've seen so far and has a permanent home in my missions. Would love to see what else you come up with if you happen to get back into ArmA!
  6. xzite

    Farooq's Revive

    Lovin the simplicity of this script! Is there a way to make ALL units able to revive at all?
  7. xzite

    ADF Uncut

    Beautiful piece of work! Do BI even inform people when they change names of things? On another note, I've lost the will to play the game untill I can use those SASR units haha. I hope they come in next update! :P
  8. xzite

    ADF Uncut

    Is it just me or do the M4's no longer have any sound to them? Perhaps BI changed the sound file name.
  9. Also having this issue.. No matter what I set the parameters to it always ends up firing the same stuff in mission.
  10. xzite

    ADF Uncut

    I may take you up on that considering none of my friends wanna buy the fudging game lol.. On another note.. Have you considered putting in some of those face masks that the SASR seem to wear alot? http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6kyucH9sh1rzbblco1_1280.jpg.. Something of that nature. Obviously not a priority feature but thought i'd throw the idea out there haha.
  11. xzite

    ADF Uncut

    The ragtag & wartorn idea for the SASR units is awesome! Would love to see some similar effects added to the weaponry (once its implimented). Bits of paint flaking off and D.I.Y paintjobs etc. Keep up the great work though, this is definatly my #1 mod by far for ArmA3.
  12. I'm afraid that i'm a little confused. Once I run this script, all my custom loadout "FirstAidKit" items get deleted. Thus making me unable to revive anyone. Once I remove the scripts perameters in the missions "Init.sqf", all of my FirstAidKits are assigned as expected.