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  1. Is it going to be released this year or what? If people don't ask you don't say nothing... Any new?
  2. Do you really want a cheater scope than the nightstallker? Don't you have enough or what ? What is next a weapon that auto-shoots ? Lol
  3. are you going to fix the issue about the names of the objects? i really can't believe that behind all that hard work you called everything a house...
  4. Sounds good! I will give it a try and post later , thanks ! About you guys talking about the damage of the explosives to buildings ,yes they need to be tweaked but thats not the OP... Anyway thanks for all the answers. BTW. If anyone has more info about any script that let increase the damage radius of a 40mm/ frag just let me know.
  5. As i asked you previously.. will this mod affect all other sounds like vehicles? or is this just focusing on weapons? you could take lot of vehicle sounds from the jsrs! thanks for the updates
  6. nice! @ARMP 5Gb is too much load for the server... any new about the development?
  7. are you working on other type of sounds such as explosions , cars , helicopters ..etc ? weapons sound amazing! but what ppl needs is a complete sound mod to replace for example the JSRS 2.0 or SPS
  8. @Alduric hi , very nice mod very complete , but about the humvee , if you took it from the standalone , you should know that the recent hmvw mod that came out of the humvee is so fragile , one little fence breaks it , and the driving is not fluid... Test this things just in case... Another thing is that i see the abrams dessert texture a bit low quality , maybe taking something more close to the actual slammer texture would be great. Also i think that you should separate the vehicles mod from the weapons mod due to the fact some player would like this for the vehicles and others for the weapons , and doing this you dont blow up the ammobox of the player that wants this mod just for the vehicles as me. Regards!
  9. any possiblity on this mod working with the game sunglasses?
  10. It is so frustrating that the AI can see trough grass , but even more the fact they can see you trough trees/ tall and dense vegetation , and for example that a heavy fog doesn't affect them at all , i just tested that the smoke works , they can't see trough a heavy cloud of smoke , so why all the others doesn't affect them? is it fixable? and more important , any new on BIS wanting to solve this? Regards!
  11. Hi maverick , you should disable the requirement of the Nato sf and russian weapons for activating the @mas_usa_devg mod of the gear , it is so frustrating to disable the nato mod and still having it blowing my ammo box , and i don't know why because i have friends that disabled it and don't have it in the ammobox activated , but me even without it activated , loads as well. this is in the majority because the weapons look bad and don't work properly, for example if you get an hk4 , zero the 40mm launcher to 300m and shoot to a target that is exactly 300m , the 40mm wont hit the target... all of this appart of the looking of the weapons... btw i like the @mas_usa_devg.. that was a great job.
  12. are you thinking on porting those F.A.T.A and clafghan A2 maps to A3?
  13. if i am not wrong they are going to release two kind of rg31. the normal and the one that have the rollers.
  14. fons

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Hi roberthammers , i told you months ago the issue about the loud volume when you reload an M4/M16 , that you can hear a friend reloading from so much distance. You told me that the problem comes from the game , as you can hear the charges when placing them and also the first aid sounds... but i see that i don't hear the vanilla weapons reloading as loud as your weapons reloading are... so would be possible a fix? Also are you planning on some kind of paint on the weapons?
  15. looks insane , keep up that great job! eres un crack tio!
  16. fons

    Multiple crash with 1.12

    exactly. they fix 1 thing to break 3...
  17. hi massi , nice mod . but i found issues with the zeroing of the hk m203 launcher. if you set the zeroing to 300m and you shoot to a point that is 300m away the grenade won't hit the place. also , are you planning to improve the visual/detail aspect of the weapons? thanks!
  18. fons

    RH M4/M16 pack

    okey perfect! thanks for that quick reply!
  19. fons

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Hi roberthammer. First of all thank you for this awesome mod. But it have some issues that could be easily fixed: - The sound of the reload of the M4's is so loud , you can hear a friend reloading as you were there from 200m. - The MRCO scope doesn't work in your weapons. - The detailed numbers of the Grenade Launcher iron sight ( M203) of the M4/M16 variants are so blurry. - And this is not an issue , but i find the acog's scopes a bit crappy... the player should have the posibility of changing the distance of the scope from your eye , same as RCO's and MRCO's by pressing "Ctrl + mouse right click" and the " +/-". I don't know if i explained this correctly , but what i am saying is that in the ACOG's you just have one 4X sight position instead of the 3 positions that for example the MRCO have ( MRCO - 1st pos: just aiming , 2nd pos: pressing "+", 3rd pos: clicking "Ctrl + mouse right click". Everything else i find it awesome , the details and design of the weapons are amazing , the sound .... and if you could fix this would be the perfect mod. Cheers
  20. fons


    Why do we want a bipoded barret if we cant use it? whats the point of the bipods in this game? if you want to do a realistic game start from the easy things , the bipod attachment at the moment have no sense
  21. Yeah i dont know nothing about arma thats why i created this thread man. Thanks for all the replies , but what i still dont know is how do you rank up from a private to a leutanant for example
  22. Hi , im going to buy arma 3 alpha , but im going to buy a pc in september and want to know if i download it in this pc , if i will be able to download it in my next pc. thanks.