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  1. Even pilots told me that the advanced flight model is even more unrealistic than the "normal" one. Don't flight with it dude, try other flight simulators and compare.
  2. fons

    Group Manager

    Is there any way of disabling the HUD display of who is in the car when you are in? I find it very disturbing because it's in the middle of the screen, much more in aircrafts. I can't find any paramter in the script. Is it possible?
  3. Hi, Nodunit and Franze, tested the last update and the physics are now great. Congratulations. I have an issue, i use headtracker, "TrackIR" , and imho it's too difficult to see the crosshair to click buttons. It's so tiny, and so thin, that makes me loose a lot of time trying to find where it is. Also, if i need to touch anything during flight, it's almost impossible, just for the fact you need a lot of time to know where is it each time you move it, and if you have to take a quick look back to the winshield, you loose it again. I don't know if you have played DCS World, a flight simulator, but would be awesome if you could do a crosshair similar to that sim. It's yellow and at least two times bigger and thicker. I cannot find a picture with it to show you at the moment just if you don't played DCS and therefor you didn't see that crosshair, but i will do a picture inside the sim tomorrow as i cannot do it now. EDIT: Here are two examples of the DCS World button crosshair: P.S. Sorry for the quality, ended taking them with the phone as all my screenshot softwares wasn't picking the crosshair even with the "include mouse cursor" options checked :banghead:
  4. You are right, didn't think in that. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hi nkey, first of all, thank you for this awesome mod. I have a suggestion that thought a few days ago. our team has been using tfar since practically the release, and i thought a few days ago that some enviromental sounds in the transmisions would be awesome and it would give a lot of realism. Let me explain, if a pilot of an Apache transmits something, the receiver would hear a small percentage of the heli indoor sound volume in the background of the transmission. If you are infantry transmitting, the transmission would have a samall percentage of the enviromental actual sound volume. I think that this would give tfar an insane amount of added realism, have you previously considered this? Would this be complicated to implement?
  6. Awesome! Will test it as soon as i have some spare time! Congrats Franze and Nodunit, glad you finnaly were able to fix that as soon as the game let you do it. The best helicopter for the arma series by far!
  7. Have been the physics finnaly fixed? Didn't test this awesome mod since i think 2 months.
  8. fons

    =BTC= Chessab River

    Looks awesome! Good luck on the project.
  9. fons

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Can someone tell me what happened to the previous versions Tactical Sunglasses? They were awesome and don't see them since months...
  10. fons

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Where's the tactical sunglasses form the previous versions? Where them deleted? i love them and don't see them since the last patch...
  11. Anyone loosing all the protocol configurations after closing opentrack? This is very frustrating... I save all the profiles after modifying them.... i don't loose the maps, just the protocol's setups...
  12. Ok man, thanks for all. Yeah i translated everything i could form freetrack to opent track. But i find that today i lost all my configurations?! all model dimensions, all settings appart from the mapping were lost. Yes i created a profile and yes i always saved it. So don't get it, i load it and all that configs are erased to default. Thanks for your profile. I am also using ps3 eye in that config and a 3 ir led cap. EDIT: Thank you dude your profile works like a charm.
  13. Okey man, if not, sharing a profile would be awesome. I am using now pointracker 1.1 on the tracker option and freetrack 2.0 enhanced in the protocol option. I am trying to copy the curves of freetrack to the opentrack mapping but i don't get it. 1 hour now trying it...
  14. I am trying to configure now OpenTrack. What's the protocol i need to use for arma? Also is there any guide/tutorial to set it up? Or maybe someone make it work for arma and can give me some tips?
  15. I created a thread about this because i didn't see this. I USED freetrack couple months ago. i just stopped using it because i didn't get used to it as infantry, but it was awesome as pilot. So now it's magically not working, didn't touched anything, i just don't get Freetrack in my controllers i get Track IR and that doesn't work. So was this intentional or it's just another thing they ruin in their updates?
  16. Hi, i am trying to make Freetrack to work in Arma 3. I previously make that work, but have been a couple of months without using it because i didn't get used to it as infantry, but it's awesome as a pilot. Yesterday i tried to use it, and wasn't able. Today too. I am currently using 3 controllers appart from the freetrack: 1) Thrustmster Warthog joystick, 2) Thrustmaster warthog throttle, 3) Logitech G27 (using just the pedals for the rudder), and then trying to use the freetrack too. I noticed that under controls, it doesn't longer appear as Freetrack, but as TrackIR. So maybe this is the problem. I just mapped the TrackIR default controls to that controller, but it's not working. I think that this previously showed up here as Freetrack and not as Trackir. I was looking for a solution and found in a post in this forum that said that to make it work in arma 2, i have to copy the freetrackclient.dll to the root folder to make it breing recognizable, and also tried disabling in the Freetrack software the trackir interface and the freetrack interface and all the possible values with this but no luck. What could be happening guys? Is this an issue after the last patch? I used it with no problem a couple moths ago, but i don't remember if i did something else to make it work, and don't find any solution out there. Hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi BIS, I cannot raise/lower my weapon after the today's 1.38 update. Me as almost all my team had that with 2X L. Ctrl. Now that doesn't work. BIS please, test your updates before releasing them... It's not the first nor the tenth one this kind of things happens after updates...
  18. What happened to this? @tPm please tell me you haven't quit with this, i have been this year with so much hype for this!
  19. fons

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Vehicles. A suggestion that i want to think you are working on. Please make vehicle seats to have the option of seeing the interior. I mean if you are driving a M1, don't force the driver to see trough that rectangle in the screen, let him see the full cockpit with the window. Same to gunners, let them see the interior of the tank when they are not directly placing their eyes on the sights... I saw some of the vehicles have this feature, like i believe the Russian BMP, with all that cameras and that beautifull cockpit... It's kinda dissapointing to 1st person players. A bit clusterfeck...
  20. Nice, thank you for that super-fast response. Glad to see you are still interested in fixing this in A3 after, what? a decade? :eek: You guys are the reference on what a modder should be! 10 years later and you are still here. Hope Bohemia fix the game asap and you guys can continue your awesome work. Good luck!
  21. Hello, i want to report an issue. When you land a heli, even if you do the smoothest and the most vertical land (even auto hover noob landing ) at the moment the heli touches ground (even the flattest and tottaly horizontal ground) the heli starts to slide as hell, like if the ground was covered by ice. So @Aplion, what do you think about this? Did you notice that? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello Franze and Nodunit. First of all i want to say congratulations for this awesome mod. Incredibly detailed and beautiful, with lot of work behind. With no doubt the best helicopter mod i've ever seen i armed assault. But there are two issues in the arma 3 port i would love to see fixed, because they are making difficult to our team the fact of making this helos the default attack heli. The first one is his insane sensitivity. Both cyclic and rotor pedals are insanely sensitive. Way to much reaction in this movements. I don't know what you devs think about that. And secondly, the fact that it is sometimes impossible to stop the heli when landed. Even if you do the smoothest and the most vertical land, when he touches ground, even total flat and horizontal ground, acts like if it were ice on the ground, with the consecuent unability of stopping it. I didn't tested the arma 2 version, so i don't know if this issues are because of the arma 3 port. I would love to read what you Franz and Nodunit think about this. So i am waiting for your answer. Thanks in advance.
  23. First of all i have to say sorry for my vocabulary , it wasn't appropiate. But you was the one who should have started with saying sorry on social networks To continue , As me as the 90% percent of the spaniards , don't know what's april fool , we have that holiday on 28 December. So i don't find sense for a "little prank" like that talking about a mod that is focused to the spanish people , and i don't care you are doing this for free , in your free time..etc. You have been on this for a while for doing that kind of pranks. And yes , you named the main thread about FFAA v6.0 in your oficial forum "6.0 mid-February" and you were talking about that date until March. And finnally don't know why you attacked me in that way , you should have put yourself in my place , knowing that the 80% that is following the developing of that mod doesn't even know what is April Fool , i hope that almost one of your team has thought about that. When i have done bad pranks i usually have been respectful when the pranked gets angry.
  24. Vais con mas de dos meses de retraso y ahora encima cogeis y lo retrasais hasta verano como dlc oficial de bohemia , solo espero que eso no signifique que nos valla a costar dinero... de ser así os podeis meter el rg31 por el #%@€ The mod was delayed more that two months , now they delay it till summer to release it as an official BIS DLC, i just hope that it doesn't mean it will cost money... if it costs money #%@€
  25. Anyone know if there is any script to increase de damage of explosives? I am looking for a script to increase the damage of the blast, focusing on 40mm and frags. Thanks in advance!