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  1. #1: The suggested command you say - does not fix the issue. I believe it has something to do related to the reason why when I start my server I cannot locate my server in public host names but only locate it on the remote function. #1.1: Also, when I use the command "./server" I recieve a odd message related to gamespy, I believe that all this is related (Gamespy, not being found on net, ./arma2oaserver check issue) ./server useage jordan@jordanserver:~/arma2arrowhead$ ./server 10:54:28 Dedicated host created. Obsolete class Animations defined in bin\config.bin/RscCompass/ Obsolete class Animations defined in bin\config.bin/RscWatch/ 10:54:28 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.170) 10:54:28 Host identity created. ArmA 2 OA Console version 1.62 : port 2302 Warning Message: No challenge value was received from the master server. GameSpy QR2 error: 5, No challenge value was received from the master server. #2: Apparently you don't put the PMC / BAF files on your server, I removed those directories and success.
  2. I've troubleshooted so much today it's amazing. So here we go - Quick and easy. Issue #1: jordan@jordanserver:~/arma2arrowhead$ sudo ./arma2oaserver check ArmA 2 directory: OK Server executable: /server ERROR! Port number: 2302 Config file: OK PID file: /2302.pid RUN file: /2302.run Issue #2: jordan@jordanserver:~/arma2arrowhead$ ./server Data file too short '/home/jordan/arma2arrowhead/pmc\addons\ca_pmc.pbo'. Expected 1234612782 B, got 115987 B Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  3. cyberwarriorsonline

    (Linux dedicated) Errors galore @ ./server (Server setup)

    *Admin please close this thread, I did the install very improper and now I have a different set of issues so this thread is now irrelevant. Though I fixed the massive stack of errors by merging my uppercased directories with my lower cased dir's and then deleted all the capitol'd directories.
  4. Hello BI community, I have come to a stand-still. I'm not the most technically inclined, but I've spent my fair share with servers and networking.I come to you today with a issue(s) that is unresolved on my end, and I have resulted to having to post a thread on my findings. So without haste, I will begin the technical behalf of this thread. -Thank you for participating. I will begin by showing my process of creation: 1. Acquired server package (a2-server-1.11.87389.tar) 2. Installed fresh OA on laptop - Then proceeded to FTP to local Server tower. 3. Prior to OA directory being installed to (/home/****/arma2arrowhead) I then upload the server package to the same folder. 4. Unpacked the Package using the specific command - (tar -xjf a2-server-1.11*) 5. Then I use the command "./install" and then I run "./tolower" 6. Now I attempt to use the "./server" file. Here's where I run into issues, and where I am unable to proceed to continue. Here is my log file of me attempting "./server" http://pastebin.com/NEV42w8i I have troubleshooted alot of things in my life, but I simply cannot find the adiquate documentation to help me proceed. I ABSOLUTELY appreciate all the help I can get, and again thanks all to who participate.
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    AS50 sound and damage

    Just to state... There's sound dampening walls in this video, so I would say this video's audio is inconclusive.
  6. cyberwarriorsonline

    SCUD Missile

    Out of curiosity; The SCUD missiles currently... Do they just fire straight up and that's that?