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  1. Hello, BI forums users. May I present the first release of SGSF: "SGSF_core" v1.0 In this release, there are uniforms, vests, helmets and patches ranging from solid colours such as; Black, Grey, White, Coyote, khaki, Ranger green, OD and camo variants such as; Tiger stripe, atacs variants, multicam variants, kryptek variants. All come with Arsenal and inventory pictures/ logos. Units for the respected camouflage variants are available under; Uniforms (plain or multicam or atacs etc). Admins/ Mods: Can you please move this to the complete section? Here is the .rar file: Here are the screenshots for the AH page: NOTE: the Commonwealth units will be finished in the coming weeks, probably early-mid April. The AH page is being reviewed. Enjoy!
  2. I've made a few new textures for the bluefor uniform and I'm having trouble with the pictures not showing up in the inventory, but they work fine in the arsenal. Arsenal: Inventory: config: Any help would be much appreciated. Note: I tried picture = "SGSF_core\ui\icon_u_b_sgsfcombatuniform_atacsau_ca.paa"; aswell, but no luck.
  3. SOLVED: "SGSF_core\ui\icon_u_b_sgsfcombatuniform_atacsau_ca " was corrected to; "\SGSF_core\ui\Data\icon_u_b_sgsfcombatuniform_atacsau_ui.paa" Mods, please lock/ close thread.
  4. UPDATE 11/03/2017: Many things have happened irl so modding has been stopped for several months. I'm back and actively developing, textures and stuff. I have completed a new rvmat. It looks much better and defined, better shading, new gloves etc. Added unmarked plain colour uniforms, vests and helmets in; Black, Grey, White, Coyote, khaki, Ranger green, OD. And ADF patterns previously shown, maybe a DPCU/ DPDU vest. added cap and boonie aswell. Adding in the coming days unmarked camo patterns such as; Tiger stripe, atacs variants, multicam variants, kryptek variants. Want to suggest more? Sure. Will be releasing the Commonwealth countries, complete, maybe next week. Unsure. Each release will contain; coalitions' camouflage patterns including, headgear, vests (if needed), uniforms, factions and soldiers. Only vanilla + DLC weapons and equipment will be needed. No extra mods needed. Pics soon. Regards, Terramesa (SGSF Dev Lead.)
  5. UPDATE: SGSF Now has a logo. OP UPDATED HD Version here: http://art-by-terramesa.deviantart.com/art/SGSF-logo-645169144
  6. All goals this week have been met. May I present to you the rest of Scandinavia + Finland; OP UPDATED NOTE: Couldn't find a good an M91 pattern for Finland, as a result it is not included. Norway / NOR M/98 M/03 Multicam - not pictured Sweden / SWE M90 M90K Finland / FIN M03 Hellepuku M05 Maastokuvio M05 Pakkaskuvio M05 Lumikuvio Multicam - Not pictured
  7. Finished Commonwealth forces, moving onto Scandinavia + Finland. OP UPDATED. Here's screenshots of Canadian and Danish Special Forces. Still not happy with the CADPAT AR, but it's all I had. CAN CADPAT TW CADPAT AR MULTICAM DK M/01 M/84 M/11 The rest of Scandinavia + Finland should be done by the end of next week.
  8. Terramesa

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I found these mods on the Steam Workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=785460713&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=777821765 Now, whatever your opinion of the Steam Workshop is, this is pretty much what (I assume) is your looking for at this point in time. Then again, if this is not what your looking for. May I suggest getting into modding for Arma. It's a lot of fun and very rewarding and satisfying when you release each build.
  9. Terramesa

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    +1 for orange tactical squirrels.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm back on the project. Just finished the UK uniforms and now moving onto the Canadian uniforms. Expect results in one week. Sill not sure on how the Desert DPM came out. But it will have to do. On the DPM and desert variant uniforms I put the respective camouflages on the gloves, just like the British infantry wear, but with an artistic twist. UK DPM UK DPM Desert MTP Plain Black > Not pictured. As always, if you have any suggestions, info or tips that you could give/ enlighten me with, please feel free to do so.
  11. OCEANIA DEFENSE FORCES MODIFICATION ///////ATTENTION\\\\\\\ THIS MOD HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL THE RELEASE OF THE NEXT MAIN TITLE IN THE ARMA FRANCHISE I.E. ARMA 4 OR VARIATIONS THEREOF. A NEW THREAD WILL BE MADE IN THE APPROPRIATE SUBSECTION WHEN THIS HAPPENS. I WILL STILL UPDATE THIS THREAD WITH WIP 3D MODEL SCREENSHOTS AND CONCEPT ART. REASON: I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME OF EFFORT TO CONTINUE IT AT THIS POINT, I ALSO AM WORKING ON ANOTHER MOD IN THE MEAN TIME. DURING THE WAIT FOR ARMA 4 I WILL BE CREATING CONCEPT ART FOR THE MOD/ LORE-WISE THE ANNOUNCEMENT AND RELEASE OF ARMA 4 WILL SEE THE REVIVAL OF THIS MOD IN A 1.0 STATE. Hello! This is the ODF Mod thread, where you browse all the screenshots and information that isn't on the mod page. Here you can give me feedback and maybe give me ideas if you're feeling generous enough. As it stands, this mod is only v0.7 (14-12-15) Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28678 I decided to put this onto the BI forums as in my opinion, it's more up-to-date than the AH forums. Not to say the AH forums are bad, they do what they are designed to do. But they have only a fraction of people than the BI forums. This mod is going to be updated when I feel like it, which is good because I'm free most of the time. The name change from Mountain DeAU to Oceania Defence Force is because Mountain DeAU sounded like a quickscoping CoD clan or a rip off of the drink Mountain Dew. Also I'm preparing a bit of LORE to go with the mod is the near future. License / Disclaimer: ATTENTION: If you see this mod under the names of; - Oceania Defense Force Modification - ODF Mod - Meau Mod - Mountain DeAU Mod or any variation of the titles above, please tell me via PM on the BI forums as they have been uploaded WITHOUT my permission. If you intended to use this as a military training exercise, please contact me first. You can find most of the stuff I used in this mod in the A3 game files or at armaholic.com If you plan to make videos, artworks, screenshots, clans/ realism groups using this mod, please tell me as I would love to see my work in action. If so, please contact me via: Email, alexnjay11@gmail.com OR BI Forums, https://forums.bistudio.com/user/804992-terramesa/ Do you like the old uniforms? then pop the legacy .pbo into the addons folder. easy! DEPENDENCIES: (0.8) CBA_A3 NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons TAC Vests TEAM: Terramesa (Team leader - config, texturing, concept artist) Credits/ Commendations WANT TO HELP?: Want to help out on the mod? Then send me a PM on what you're applying for. Looking for: >3D modeler (2+) >Animator(1+) >Texture artist (1-3) >Advanced config user (e.g. vehicle/ weapon/ voice configs) (2+) >Sound designer (1-2) >Concept artist (proficient on computer-based drawing programs or pen+paper) (1) >Cartographer (1+) CHANGELOGS: v0.1 v0.2 v0.3 v0.4 v0.5 v0.5.5 v0.6 v0.7 v0.8
  12. I have noticed this. I will try to add more depth to the uniform rvmat soon.
  13. Yes, Road runner is correct that I'm using the standard A3 NATO uniform .p3d for the current retexture. But I'm using a custom RVMAT which I have applied to the texture. (Will be refining in future).
  14. hello everyone. Small update. I've been having some computer troubles lately and haven't been able to work on the project. I will continue when I sort this out.
  15. Hello again, I have added a New Zealand (NZ) faction. http://imgur.com/a/IBRg4 More to come.
  16. Added RAN clearance diver wet suit + re-breather. http://imgur.com/p2XOzG2
  17. Update: Darkened DPCU. Added AMP and AMCU. AMCU http://imgur.com/4pePpnu AMP http://imgur.com/s1UrTNf
  18. Hello again, I have made some progress today on the AUS uniforms. Here are some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/FRYIt Please feel free to give me pointers and tips on what could be improved/ changed. If you have the Australian Army's AMP, AMCU and the NZDF's MCU. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the camouflage or source material.
  19. I'm not sure what you mean by that.
  20. 0.8 is finally here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By3qCWWECHzbU3FwcWswa2JjSms/view?usp=sharing Have fun. Change log: +added marines faction. ~reworked all uniforms for SF and added new ones (custom rvmat). ~reworked all army vehicle camo. changed dependencies from: "3CB BAF Vehicles DAR HMMWVs HAFM NH90 Helicopter HAFM EC-635 Helicopter" to "CBA_A3 NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons TAC Vests" I'm still going to working on this mod from time to time but it will take a backstage seat while I work on some other mods/ projects. Two I'm planning are: 1. Special forces units 2. Editing some of the old arma 2 vehicles to a 2030s combat effective state. Both of these mods be sure to look out for as they will be regularly worked on and have a set release/ project 'sitrep' schedule. Thank you for taking an interest. THIS, BY NO MEANS WILL I BE DISCONTINUING THE OCEANIA DEFENSE FORCES MOD. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO POST THEM HERE OR PM ME. THANK YOU.
  21. Hello, I've been playing around with the A2 sample models provided graciously by BI and I have come across these weird triangles (Pictured below \/) attached to the models. http://puu.sh/q1gf7/6e789c0585.png On first assumption, they look like they are related to lighting in some way. But I'm not too sure. Any help/ answers on these? I'm using blender and I also thought that might have something to do with it. P.S. Can I remove them? would they impede on editing the model?
  22. This ship is a littoral masterpiece. Well done! :D small question: how many sailors/ players will be on the different parts of the boat? (Bridge, hanger etc.)
  23. Hello guys, Thought I might give you some snackaroos on what I've been working on over the past few months. Revamped ground vehicle camouflage Revamped Army helo camouflage Revamped/ added uniform variants. There is still more to go, i.e marines vehicles (heli/ ground), navy small boats + helo and more patches.