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    co10 Escape

    Haha okay, fair enough. I hope that they fix those bugs soon (and thanks for your quick response!). In case anyone is curious, I managed to bypass this particular problem by extracting the mission from the PBO and editing initPlayerLocal.sqf by removing the following lines: player unassignItem "ItemMap"; player removeItem "ItemMap"; player unassignItem "ItemCompass"; player removeItem "ItemCompass"; player unassignItem "itemGPS"; player removeItem "itemGPS"; removeAllItems player; Although I thought this might spawn everyone with a map, it instead spawns the team leader with a GPS. It takes some of the excitement out of it because you know from the beginning where to go, but at least it makes it possible to complete the mission (you still start with no weapons, don't worry).
  2. andb52

    co10 Escape

    Thanks for the long-awaited update! We're really enjoying it. I'm having a serious bug involving maps, however - no one on my server is able to take maps out of the AI's inventory, which means that we cannot find any of the locations we need to go. I should note that some players are sometimes able to make the map work, apparently randomly, but only once or twice and then it stops working. Any idea on why this bug is occurring? Any insight would be appreciated. I'm running the vanilla version of Altis with no mods. Thanks!