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    Nre respawn point

    Hello I'm trying to make a another respawn point for civilians. I have a spawn in the north of takistan now i wanna make another in the south in the northern spawn there is a marker called respawn_civilian so i made another marker and called it respawn_civilian2 my aim was so the northern side spawn at the north and the southern side spawn south but that didn't work it seems when the north side die they spawn at the south side and sometimes its random. hope it makes sense.
  2. chanty


    [/color]guys ive put the code in the init "this enablesimulation false;" but the notebook still drops anymore suggentions?
  3. Hello guys im having some trouble with the ATM ive got the cargo container and the notebook the trouble is the notebook keeps dropping to the floor is there a way so that doesn't happen? thanksyou