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  1. so many hackers right now even little 5 years old Rusty can hack servers and ruin not 1 players game but 40 players or more.
  2. ChineseFood

    Custom Face

    no they don't if you are using mods / addons.
  3. ChineseFood

    Custom Face

    using mods is bad idea. most servers dont have that mod so nobody will see your custom face .
  4. ChineseFood

    Custom face colours ' fix' addon

    but if server doesnt have this mod, these faces do not work. so its very limited mod :/ but good work anyway
  5. ChineseFood

    Fatigue effects

    please increase stamina of soldiers or at least add option to sprint like in ARMA 2.
  6. ChineseFood


    so what you think of hackers / script users in Arma 3 Beta nowadays ?
  7. ChineseFood

    ARMA 3 Crashes only in COOP Mode

    its not PhysX that crashes game , i use AMD video card (AMD don't use PhysX) and i have identical issue. i play COOP Annex games and it crashes randomly sometimes takes 30 min sometimes 3 hours. and in between. game freezes for 1 sec then next sec game crashes i have to open task manager to close it. and it was same in Alpha same prob in Beta. but if i go play Wasteland or Stratis Life or some Zombie game i have no crashes at all.
  8. ChineseFood

    can we have more livestreams?

    yes more livestream hope you make 1 big livestream in the end of this summer ! i love you Bohemia Interactive Studios
  9. ChineseFood

    Scopes bugged ?

    this is Stargate portal not a scope.
  10. ChineseFood

    Where's the BETA

    my game is still Alpha wth ? where is BETA !? my game didnt upgrade to beta D:<
  11. ChineseFood

    Will we ever see a map like Chernarus again?

    yeah i understand Bohemia they wanted something different they made those Russian style maps since Operation Flashpoint , but i also hope after main game release they will make DLC or expansion with new map something like Pripyat would be nice
  12. Do not call script users as hackers they are not hackers dont give them that credit they are just script users , hackers are the ones that rarely hack they just create those scripts. Hacker is like inventor , script user is just peon who uses scripts made by hacker.
  13. please add dark deep large forests with big tall trees. also make bigger towns and more enterable houses with interiors
  14. ChineseFood

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    Track IR is first steps to future , Oculus Rift is shitty gimmick for rich people or dumb people. i myself am not rich but i can afford to buy Oculus Rift but i wont because its garbage virtual boy. why i waste my money on expensive monitor so i wont be able to enjoy it . Track IR now is very small and comfortable it mounts on headset and doesnt require your crazy dance moves like Kinect . also Track IR will be better and smaller in future will be integrated in headsets and monitors . and Oculus Rift is bad for your eyes , eyes has muscle if you noticed the closer you sit to monitor for long period of time your eye sight get worse same as reading books. with oculus rift your eyes will be demolished. and about TrackIR i found out only thanks to Arma for me TrackIR > Oculus Rift in every way. also if you get drunk you wont be able to use Oculus Rift
  15. ChineseFood

    Houses and Interiors

    why you cry about AI pathfinding inside house with furnitures ? so if you cry so much let's make all houses locked or remove all houses from map . jeeshh. all i wanted is make more enterable houses with some furnitures inside make it more believable and more beautiful for multiplayer or mods. ai will have trouble inside house anyway doesnt matter if it has some furniture or not.