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  1. I'd like to make it work, but I do not succeed in it... I downloaded UOCBA_A3, JayArm3Lib and Acre and installed them on my computer, and UOCBA+ACRE on my server (+ teamspeak). Computer command line: -mod=@UOCBA_A3;@JayArma3Lib;@ACRE Server command line: (...) -mod=@UOCBA_A3;@ACRE When Verifsignature is 2, I can not join my server (red circle, and key problem with Acre files). When Verifsignature is 0, I can join my server, but when I want to launch a mission where I've put a radio in a crate, I'm ejectec and back to the mission selection screen... I'm very new to ACRE and to the addons installation, and don't very understand why it doesn't work, despite I've followed all installation instructions I've found. Can somebody can help me ? Or is this the wrong topic ? Thanks !