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  1. Does anyone know of any good scenarios or missions created with this mod? One can only play around in the editor for so long, and I'm too terrible at it to make any good missions myself.
  2. That's fucking sick dude. BTW, if you don't mind me asking, are you a reservist? *Edit* Also, I asked a month or two ago and was wondering it it's still possible for the C79 to be a "3d scope" in the future? (scope + peripherals)
  3. What exactly are you guys aiming to add in the next update? When can we expect this update?
  4. I think he's suggesting that a section clad with arctic camo should be added in
  5. Damn! May I ask where you're getting those pictures from?
  6. When can we expect an update?
  7. Is making the C79 a 3d scope possible? You said you'd do it before but I see it isn't mentioned in your update. And I guess brown boots are confirmed a no-go?
  8. Are you still out west helping with the floods?
  9. Huh. Didn't know the CF issued EoTechs
  10. Just wondering, will you make your own version of the EOTech? If not, then the point of aim for the CAF weapons need to be altered slightly because the front post and the reticle on the holosight don't match up
  11. If you haven't already, I would suggest heading on over to forums.army.ca Bunch of guys there that'd be happy to help
  12. Hmm. I'm not enlisted, nor have I ever been, but I thought the C7A2 was standard for all troops except grenadiers. Then, depending on the tasks of the section, the weapons could be replaced for closer combat if they were mostly doing door to door stuff. I assume you know more about what you're talking about then me, but is there any truth behind my assumption or do officers generally get the C8 as a default?
  13. Is there any reasoning behind having the officer spawn with a c8?