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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    This I believe is currently in, the radar stuff is displayed on the map though instead as markers which are colour coded as well as assigned the vehicle's respective icon.
  2. If I recall correctly using setCaptive on the UAV should do the trick.
  3. I've never used the command but looking at the wiki page difficultyOption returns a number now instead of a bool which difficultyEnabled did.
  4. It's a thing with the engine. I have the same issue with my interior light script.
  5. Lala14

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    It needs to be a player in the vehicle. (a unit being controlled by zeus isn't considered as a player). There is a possibility that we could make a service menu module through zeus, however, I'm pretty sure no one on the team has any experience with zeus modules.
  6. Basically what I want to do is currently not possible through what is said on the wiki. I've also tried some alternatives which so far have proven to be more complicated than what it really should be. I'm wondering if someone has found a different alternative to the problem. The problem I basically want to use the same set of scripts over and over again however with passing different arguments that will be located in a file via #include. The current working solution I have contains 3 sets of the same script with the #include path changed. e.g. of the problem e.g. of one of my other solutions However, as you can if I was to add anything else to defines.h I would need to add in the new variable to every script which is quite time consuming when you have 15. Any suggestions?
  7. Yes, however, what I was trying to say was that I would also need to change _arr in each of the files(currently there is 9). I have since anyway pursed this method for the time being. They're all functions, I just said scripts. There only a small advantage I guess, less lines of code. Basically what you do is you have a file with all the definitions and then you include it into your file and thus everything is already defined and waiting to be used.
  8. I'm pretty sure that whole line inst needed anyway. I was initially going to add in a custom sound with the script to add a better effect, however, I never ended up finding a good custom sound and instead used one from in game. I'll get onto it though.
  9. Lala14

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Done. Wait for next update.
  10. Lala14

    Control UAV via AddAction

    <player> action ["SwitchToUAVGunner",<uav>]; action ArmA 3 Action list
  11. I'm pretty sure he is referring to pre-placed map objects. Use hideObject/hideObjectGlobal.
  12. Lala14

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    If you scroll wheel on the C-5 with the vehicle that you want being near the cargo door there should be an option called 'load cargo'.
  13. Forgot all about the key, here is a link and I'll update the original post with it, as for the CDU being glitchy, what do you mean by that?
  14. displayAddEventHandler and actionKeys
  15. why not combine while and vehicles and as well as setVariable and getVariable and you should be sweet.
  16. That's not how it was intended to work, in your mission the line of code should be placed in the init.sqf and then the action is designed to only come up with the crv-6e bobcat.
  17. sorry my fault there, was in a bit of a rush ;)
  18. Those both will not work, why make a script file when the code is less than 5 lines??? Instead what needs to be done is a search in all items (or in this case use vehicles) (or as well entities or allMissionObjects) to find the objects e.g.
  19. Use physics formulas. ArmA is considered a 'realistic' game for a reason and so IRL physics formulas will work.
  20. why not instead change it so that the addAction is on the player and use cursorTarget to identify if the object they're currently looking at will work (isKindOf) e.g. player addAction ["Pick Up",{[(_this select 0), cursorTarget] execVM "script.sqf"},nil,1.5,true,true,'',"cursorTarget isKindOf 'Land_BloodBag_F'"];don't forget though to add the action every time the player respawns!
  21. Lala14

    Binarize Failed Error code 2

    the model might already be binarized and that's why it's throwing an error.
  22. Lala14


    //HAFM NH90 ["NH90",["sideDoors1"],[[1.47,1.805,-0.02]]], //ADF ["ADFU_air_blackhawk_BASE",["Door_R"],[[1.44,1.93,0.3]]],