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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice about this! Savage, Damian, etc... But as a noob I am still a virgin to this terminology begat do yo mean by place support module on the map? And how does one do that?
  2. I cannot find the information which explains how to use the air support module. Please could use some advice. I am not referring to scripting it, I mean just playing a mission with it already included. how does one initiate it within the mission to call in Napalm? I saw your post about unsung 2.5 in the root director and i couldnt find it.
  3. crazyquick

    [SP] MACV SOG: BDA Version 1

    Can someone please explain how to call in air supprot with the ation menue? I dont have the back pack addon, the only addon i have is unsung 2.5. but is that all I need? Please help.
  4. crazyquick

    ZEUS Nam

    Will this mission work in the new arrowhead version?
  5. Here is a sample of the new gun sounds mod I have been working on for Unsung featuring recorded weapons. REMOVED I am in talks with Savage about possibly having this released as a part of an UNSUNG update, so PLEASE voice your opinions on what you think!
  6. Trust me I have been modding sounds for 10+ years you will love them. How about I email the packi you and you may even decide to release it yourself as a part if the mod! The distinctive feature about my recorded sounds is the each weapon has that pop or crack that gun sounds have. And at long distances you can notice that firecracker pop pop effect of guns in the distance.
  7. Hi all I have real recorded gunsounds pack for unsung Vietnam mod, it will be released in a few days. What would be the best approach for me to upload it do that many ppl willhave access to it? Thanks