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  1. I second this, hopefully they will only be arma 2 oa and unsung dependent! THis is great news, that camp gain sounded great!
  2. You guys really need to see the vietnam scene in forrest gump. Have ANY of you any idea what im talking about? It was short, but it really did capture an epic battle and scenery of Nam.
  3. Yup, and lets face it, vietnam is FAR more interesting than modern combat. The music, the jungle scenery, the enemy troops, the gear, the groove, the m60 machine gun, its just a fascinating war. Second only to WWII IMO.
  4. Awesome im so impressed with you mission editor geniuses! You are are what makes this game come alive! NOW, regarding vietnam missions, please dont forget to include Jimi Hendrix and CCR on helicopter rides! You cant have a vietnam mission without 60s music. It just wouldnt work. Watch the forrest gump vietnam scenes to see what I mean. Also I hope that the missions are realistic so that it WONT be our six man squad against 300 repsawning NVA! I have a few missions im working on too, but i have to brush up on my intro and outro skills before I release them. Also have to figure out how to lay markers and but briefing notes and so forth on the map, once I do that Im gold.
  5. crazyquick

    [WIP] Jungle Survival Mission

    sO IS THIS supposed to be in vietnam ear?
  6. I'm having an error as well. Anyone false háve their weapon not fire in combat? Sometimes the darn thing won't fire. Even u I pick u another gun thus I have to restart the mssion
  7. Yeah Savage I hope that your campaign will be for this 2.5 version. Some of us won't be getting arma 3
  8. Beautiful! Let me know if you need voice work, im african male adult if you need a voice like King from Platoon lol
  9. Can someone help, i notice that even with slx_nogibs, i still have freezes because the 50 cal still explodes people. only now the gibs dissapear faster. But how do you make it so that even with slx_wounds, people wont explode into gibs? THANKS!
  10. Hi Savage and all, I am working to put together a mission based on the tet offensive as seen in Full Metal Jacket, with buildings set for NVA snipers. Are there any maps for UNsung that feature such buildings for a CQC recreation for Nam?
  11. IS there any way to make it so that only machine guns fire tracers and not rifles or smgs in Unsung? Thanks troopers!
  12. We I hadn't played an arma game since arma 1. And when I heard about this mod I had to get arma oa. Just surprised at how much better the AI is than arma 1. In that cgame they just stood around like robots
  13. does the AI in and ARMA 2 Unsung naturally get prone and act a bit suppressed under fire? Plus I notice they take cover behind trees and objects!
  14. I have a general question, even without using a modded suppression script, doesn't the AI in Unsung naturally get prone and act a bit suppressed under fire? Plus I notice they take cover behind trees and objects!
  15. Loving the game!. Thanks!
  16. We feel obligated to compensate you all for this fine vietnam gsme
  17. Sav do y'all take donations?
  18. One problem, I don't know the server adrress. Thanks!
  19. eggbeast can you please just release a simple mission here in the meantime? Im talking a helicopter landing our troops in the jungle, us going on a patrol, and finding vc and doing some recon, maybe even running into a few booby traps and civilians. is that too much to ask?
  20. crazyquick

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    Wow this looks amazing! I always hoped for a new terminator game!
  21. Hey nettrucker did you like those scenes? pretty cool eh
  22. here is a GREAT Vietnam special forces scene from a movie many of you may not of seen. SGT. Savage have you seen this? rg1v9KZvzVU
  23. Thank yuo!! We need more missiosn and the music is GREAAT! cant wait!