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    Ideas on improving the action menu & more

    I'm perfectly fine with it. I just came up with that idea the other day and couldn't resist writing it out. It may not be very well thought out yet, and there sure is better ways to improve the current action menu system, although I still would like to see it implemented
  2. mtslittow

    Ideas on improving the action menu & more

    It may or may not be. As I said, it won't mess up the original system in any way, so you could just roll the mouse wheel exactly as you originally would. It's just an addition to the old action menu system for people who prefer to use it if they like. If people don't like it even existing there, why not turn it off in the options menu? :p
  3. mtslittow

    Ideas on improving the action menu & more

    That won't be a problem unless it isn't rebindable. And you could always use the original system if the new one doesn't suit you, if it ever happened to be implemented :)
  4. Hi! I'm totally new in these forums and I would like to give some tips and tricks on how to improve the gameplay and playability of Arma III. Please excuse my grammar. Also, before posting anything hateful, I would like you to read the whole post. First of all, I would like to point out that I'm fully aware of Arma III and its current alpha stage, and I realize that nothing is final and everything is subject to change. Okay, my first suggestion would be about the current state of the action menu system. I bet that everyone has sometimes become frustrated about it, that's why I have something in my mind. Rather than clicking a button, scrolling to find the desired action, and possibly missing it and doing some terrible stuff, there's an easier way to use the action menu. (At least that's what I'd think) So, this is what I have in mind. It is really difficult to explain it, so I drew a quick picture to demonstrate it: I would like to point out that the system would not interfere with the original one in any way. (hopefully) By that I mean it'd still be possible to use the action menu and middle mouse button like you originally would. So, there's a lot of fixing and tweaking to do, but my main concern is about the vehicles and their physics, and I think there's a LOT of people who have already pointed that out. (sorry for doing it again :) ) Firstly, the vehicles accelerate WAY too slow overall, especially the ATVs. I'm saying it, because I've driven those things. When you press the 'E' button, I think it means the same as holding the throttle all the way up. And when you do it on an ATV like that, it would literally fly off and possibly even flip off, unlike in the game's current stage. There's something about the steering aswell. I mean, an ATV wouldn't do steep turns like that. I suppose the other military vehicles are just perfectly fine like they are, but the civilian off road truck isn't. I think a future car like that would accelerate much faster and also go faster aswell, but that's just what I think. There's some work to do on vehicle sounds aswell. I would like to see something done about those. Thank you for reading! :)