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  1. Armoured Reconnassiance!


    @mikephoenix has released his Scimitar Mk.II as apart of his AFUK pack, which has enabled us to conduct Armoured Reconnaissance! Check it out here: AFUK Vehicles



    On 20 JUNE, we will continue our campaign alongside the virtuele Panzerbrigade 21, where we pull out the FV510 warriors and try to gain ground lost during the previous event. 


    The Future

    Due to COVID and other circumstances, we will be taking a break from events after OP PANTHER IV. We will downsize and re-configure the units as well as close recruitment. Anyone interested in the unit is welcome to chill on our Discord


    That's all for now!


    We have recently participated in OP PANTHER, our codename for a series of operations hosted by the virtual 21st Panzer Brigade - alongside the 402nd Panzergrenadier BattalionNational Defense Force, and The Tactical Network. Our next event is on 9 May where we provide a British Armoured Infantry Platoon to the combined UK-DE company!


    Here are some pics from our latest events:








    Fire Team Commander's Course

    Over the last 6 weeks we conducted our first Fire Team Commander's Course of 2020. 6 Riflemen started the course; only 2 Riflemen made it through the end and earnt their promotion to Lance Corporal! Congrats to LCpls Hughes and Orange!




    We will soon be deploying to Tanoa on ops within the next few weeks. We are also conducting a healthy amount of Combined Arms Warfare training in preparation for the next mission on OP PANTHER!

    That's all for now folks!

  3. Happy New Year!


    2020 brings us into another eventful timeline. We have recently welcomed many new members into the unit - most of whom have put in great effort and completed our CIC. We also bring forth a newly designed website!





    We have conducted a short platoon-level training rotation, and now we are continuing OP TRACTOR on Malden 2035. We are now 50% done with this operational tour!






    As we continue on, we are preparing to conduct joint operations with the 51st Infantry Brigade MilSim unit, as well as the virtuelle Panzerbrigade 21, providing our unique Armoured Infantry skills with the use of our own in-house warrior mod! We are also available to conduct joint operations with compatible MilSim units!


    Sign on with the Virtual Iron Fist today!

  4. 20 minutes ago, anfo said:


    Thank you. It might come as no surprise it relates to indirect fire. ☺️
    1. Ability to lock turret of L7A2 on either a specific azimuth or elevation for firing on fixed lines,
    2. A visual cue to determine the elevation of the barrel in either mils or degrees, prior to locking,

    3. Increased TTL of bullets on longer ranges (thanks @Blutze)
    4. If there is anything that could be done to increase the beaten zone, both in width and length, at some of the longer ranges, it would ensure more effective harassing fire,

    5. This is a bold one, especially when you could potentially throw out any of these suggestions, but an artillery computer for the  L7A2.
    As mentioned, our group are happy with the L7A2 because a tripod mounted 7.62mm GSMG is now accessible. If none of these suggestions make the next iteration (especially 5), then we appreciate the system none the less and thank 3CB.

    to piggyback off this, would it be possible to 6) have a SF variant without the LDS? LDS is a 5.56 optic and isn't used on GPMG in any form anyhow.



  5. 4 hours ago, evrik said:

    Congrats on the release. 🙂


    We are currently working on our own version using a new model. However, it will just be the standard rifle with attachable / removable front grips. We don't currently have any plans to create a UGL variant as I don't believe it has yet been adopted by the British Army. Although that will probably change at some point. At the moment though they are still using the L85A2 with the UGL.

    The UGL being used with the A3 is the same system as used with the A2. It would purely be a slight cosmetic alteration from the A2 variant with the sight rail/colour/minor TMH changes.


    We recently parook in BDR Clan's Rolling Thunder #27, a massive armoured PvP. We provided 2 tanks towards REDFOR's 2 Platoon, and ended up with 13 confirmed kills of enemy tanks across the 3-tank platoon. It was a very intense battle and well fought by ourselves and our sister unit, the vPzBrig 21. 

    Twitch Media:

    First Kill

    First Death

    Second Kill/Second Death

    Third Kill

    Fourth/Fifth Kill

    Sixth and Final Kill - ENDEX immediately after


    And the final score:



    It was a GREAT night!


    The Future:

    We are now preparing to begin a Joint Operation where we will role as UN Protection Force in The Ukraine. More info to come...




    We have been preparing for another joint operation - this time with the 539 Assault Squadron Realism unit. This operation will see us using the FV4034 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank alongside their commando capabilities.

    Starting 10 MAY, this operation will continue throughout the month.




    TeamSpeak Server


    Discord Server


    Pop on our TS or Discord for a chat if you'd like to know more about MilSim or armoured infantry and to join the virtual Iron Fist today!

  8. On 11/10/2018 at 10:42 AM, Damian90 said:

    Not exactly, it is possible to some degree. Heck in a sorts it's allready in vanilla game, where you can designate targets for gunner, of course it's simplified. Besides Reyhard allready implemented TC override for some RHS vehicles, tough it's a slow process. ;)

    wait WHAT?


    I must have missed something, definitely never knew about this. Must have been a nightmare to figure out



    We had a very successful night during OP CHURCHILL III - hosted by the virtuelle Panzerbrigade 21. 4 other German units were also in attendance.... it was a tough but well fought night.



    OP ASKARI I Continued...


    After a successful end to OP CHURCHILL III, the 5 RIFLES BG continue Counterinsurgency (COIN) operations in Zargabad. 


    General updates


    We are continuing preparations to open our CR2 MBT detachment - being led by a member of the actual QRH. (We promise that attendance to our NCO ball is NOT mandatory)


    Also, a random video from training, where 2Lt Keown is surprised by an enemy BMP.



    That's it for now!

    Join the virtual Iron Fist today!

  10. New Twitter page

    To keep a continuous presence within the Social Media world, we have started a new Twitter page! This page will be updated twice a week with general updates within the unit.



    The 20th AIB have deployed to Zargabad on OP ASKARI I -  working with UN and IDAP forces in a counter-insurgency campaign focussed on driving out local insurgents and restoring peace within the region.


    Deploying to PB OSIRIS by vehicle convoy


    Inserting into a village on a clearance patrol


    JHC dropping in reinserts to the patrol




    We have been preparing for an upcoming Joint Operation hosted by the virtuelle Panzerbrigade 21, along with 6 other units, starting on 1 SEPTEMBER.


    Light role advance to contact


    Members of 1 Platoon enjoying FISH & CHIPS



    General Updates


    The QRH detachment is nearing final preparation before their detachment is opened, enjoying the use of our custom edit of Burnes's Challenger 2 mod.



    We're always busy with training, exercises, and operations within our unit, and alongside others.


    Join the virtual Iron Fist today!

  11. On 8/12/2018 at 2:25 PM, VileBeggar said:

    Hello Mike! I'm wondering if it's possible to add in some Rifles TRF and 20th AIB Brigade patch to your uniform? I think you already got the rifles TRF in the mod? Anyways keep up the great work! :)


    Brigade Patch: https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/soldiers-from-5-rifles-receive-a-briefing-as-20th-armoured-news-photo/853457402#soldiers-from-5-rifles-receive-a-briefing-as-20th-armoured-brigade-picture-id853457402


    Or perhaps a XML proxy on the right arm blanking patch since 5 RIFLES isn't the only regiment in the 20th AIB.


    with the XML's at least units that use them can use their own patches and that will save Mike alot of work!

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  12. 2 Sections!

    We have opened our 2nd Section under 1 Platoon, and are making accomodations for a third. This addition to the unit is allowing us to open...


    Queen's Royal Hussars/Royal Wessex Yeomanru

    Now that we have 2 infantry sections, preparations are being made to open up C Squadron, Queen's Royal Hussars, along with the RWxY as their reserves counterpart. This Troop will be operating the FV4034 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank alongside 1 Platoon, as well as operating FV510 Warriors in the reconnaissance role.


    Training on the CR2 is underway, using our own in-house modification of Burnes' CR2 TES, and is being spearheaded by actual serving members of the QRH.


    Members looking to join the QRH will need to first serve 6 weeks minimum in the RIFLES platoon, as all available roles are currently taken!


    Home Rotation

    After 6 weeks of OP MARATHON I, the 20th AIB have returned to the Hebontes Military Training Facility in order to conduct Counter Insurgency training, before we deploy on operations to Zargabad.


    Joint Operations

    In the background, preparations are being made to conduct joint ops with the vPzBrig 21, our German Army counterparts, the 51st Infantry Brigade, and later the 1 RRF MilSim Unit.