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  1. Hi i modifi all my mission and i want to rent a server to host it but i want 20-30 slot 24/7 and cheaper possible i got budget 35$/months . Any one know a good renting Games Servers?? i have see Survival game server but i though its not a 24/7 and i have see NFO server but i only see Arma2 on NFO dont know to switch for arma 3 alpha dont want buy someting thats i cannot use
  2. francis

    Rent 24/7 Game server

    dude i dont want rent a dedicated server i want GAME server not same dedicated server is over 100$/months and game server is around 1$/slot but Survival game server is like really shit ( no 24/7) NFO dont have arma3 or i didnt find it so i need to find (24/7 GAME Server ) im not interesting to dedicated!!! im lonely so ... forget it ... but the Game server NFO look like great but i just see Arm2 option not the arma 3 alpha i dont want to buy a server without the knowledge and sorry for my english im french
  3. Delivery Mission is again bug i have try to download all the stratis life .pbo i can see ... and no one have Delivery mission working .i want to let know this post to Caïden, ZannaZa and Ygluf . Special Thanks to let us edit your mission . if someone know how to fix it , i can edit but im new in SQF files,
  4. francis

    Infected Virus

    oh !! true!!!! ---------- Post added at 11:14 ---------- Previous post was at 09:21 ---------- hmmm . its not cool i have switch to Dev Build but my edited mission have some errors and when i come back to 0.54 all work wells :S i'm Sad and i will Stay on 0.54 to play on my Edited Mission ( i have SET password Add me on steam to have Acces) Francis Cummings Every one read this are welcome to join !!! but pls dont come with infected virus !!! Thanks and Have fun !
  5. hi , finally i have download the current game (0.3.3) is better than (0.3.4) though the 0.3.4 have so many scripts not finish or someting like thats . My first goal are : have Diver shop , i had played the version of someone else ( with Diver shop but in the see i have never saw wave .... so Motivated to have diver shop + see wave thats why i want create my own server . Im really new in scripting like 5 days ago was my fisrt script test . I have create ¨diving shop¨ and work wells :) . but i have question : i have try to create new menu on terrorairshop to have 2 more chopper armed ... i have write the thelimenu.sqf at the end of the dialogmenu.hpp ( to have new number ) the money dialog was in the 11164 and the TheliList on 11165 and the Thelibuy in 11166 ... in my mission folder i have creat script for thelimenu.sqf (terror heli menu) + thelibuy.sqf (terror heli buy) and when i test the game: terrorairshop addAction the terrorhelimenu . He show my money in menu the button buy is there but my heli list are not on this menu ..... if i copy the helimenu.sqf and the helibuy.sqf and i write it to my terrorairshop thats work again wells but not my thelimenu.sqf and thelibuy.sqf can someone help me i dont know what kind of scrip i need to write or what to do when i have problem like that (im not sure but i see all vehicle menu in dialogmenu all writen back a back so maybe its my bad and i need to creat thelimenu just under another vehicles menu instead of the last one : check what i mean : class TheliMenu { idd = -1; movingEnable = true; enableSimulation = true; controlsBackground[] = {}; objects[] = {}; controls[] = {MyMoney,TheliList,BuyTheli,Close}; class MyMoney : BaseRscSingleText { idc = 11165; moving = 1; colorBackground[] = { 0.7, 0.7, 0.7, 0.8 }; sizeEx = 0.04; x = 0.65; y = 0.2; w = 0.5; }; class TheliList : BaseRscComboBox { idc = 11166; moving = 1; colorSelectBackground[] = { 0.6, 0.6, 0.6, 0.7 }; colorBackground[] = { 0.7, 0.7, 0.7, 0.8 }; sizeEx = 0.04; x = 0.65; y = 0.275; w = 0.5; }; class BuyTheli : BaseRscButton { idc = 11167; text = "Buy Theli"; action = "execVM 'thelibuy.sqf'"; x = 0.65; y = 0.5; w = 0.5; }; class Close : BaseRscButton { idc = -1; text = "Close"; action = "closeDialog 0"; x = 0.65; y = 0.575; w = 0.5; }; };
  6. Hi ! i search a version with diving shop for hosted it