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    SMAA or AA or FXAA ?

    It all comes down to personal preference I guess. I prefer a somewhat softer look than FXAA's heavy sharpening filter provides. Normally I use 4x MSAA + SweetFX SMAA but now all of the sudden SweetFX refuses to work alongside Fraps?!! :mad: The strangest thing about Arma's anti-aliasing is that it has absolutely no performance impact whatsoever on my particular system, no AA, 8x MSAA, it doesn't seem to matter, the frame rate stays the same regardless of whatever method I chose, lol :) (Maybe from a severe CPU bottleneck?)
  2. I'm using the development branch, but you should be able to find the "skirmish init" module under the "misc" category.
  3. Koukotsu

    ARMA 3 is so poor

    Try turning off "extended armor" in the game options, then, more often than not, you can drop someone with a single shot through the torso. It works both ways though. As far as shooting while running goes... I think it's ridiculous and shouldn't even be implemented as long as it can't be aimed. The only time I've ever seen soldiers running and shooting at the same time is to place poorly aimed suppressive fire down range as they're crossing a street, because that's all shooting while running is good for basically, lol.
  4. Koukotsu

    no shadows

    Hmmm... I thought... Arma 3 already has ambient occlusion...? It sure seems like it to me, lol.
  5. Here's one I took while tinkering with the new fog:
  6. Yep, it seems to be fairly universal among dev build testers, I go from 40+fps during the day to roughly 11-15fps at night around the airport/marina area, lol. They warned us ahead of time that things like this would occasionally happen though.
  7. Ah, you're right, how I never noticed that I do not know :o I must have been thinking of a previous dev build or something, back when the "lighting overhaul" was just kicking off maybe. In my personal opinion I think the diffuse moonlight could benefit from a little more intensity, but it does look nice still. http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/1011/arma32013042620501767.png (431 kB)
  8. To a certain degree in my opinion, but the way a night with a full moon hanging overhead could still somehow manage to be as pitch black as the lowest depths of an unlit coal mine kind of bugged me. :) ...and yeah, like everyone else I'm getting a brutal performance impact from the dynamic lights in the Agia Marina/Airport area.
  9. I'm happy with the additional "full moon" direct light intensity, it just makes sense, but I don't think anyone will disagree that all other light sources are pretty much broken at the moment. That's the nature of the dev build of course, they made it fairly clear that there would be the occasional "1 step forward, 2 steps back" situation, and this is clearly one of them.
  10. The moon phases have a pretty big impact now, it would be nice if they'd do away with the bright blue aura on the horizon when the moon isn't present though. Full moon: http://imageshack.us/a/img38/2547/july12.jpg (407 kB) No moon: http://imageshack.us/a/img834/677/july24.jpg (253 kB) I like where they're going with this, now they just need to restore all the other light sources to their former glory, lol.
  11. I'm not sure what I think of the new night lighting, the intensified diffuse "moonlight" seems more consistent with the light of an actual full moon now. It's just too "blue" though, lol. It "overpowers" the street lights and tracer rounds have lost their brilliant red glow, in fact, they look the same as they do during midday now. Muzzle Blasts have also lost quite a bit of intensity as well.
  12. Koukotsu

    Today's patch changelog

    The new fog is nice, but unfortunately it seems to have the incredible ability to nullify sound... As in... gunfire and explosions are no longer audible when concealed in fog, lol. :o I can toss a frag 30 ft in front of me and if it's in the fog... it generates no sound whatsoever.
  13. Koukotsu

    Editor mission Saves - Issue

    Never mind, someone beat me to it.
  14. Meh, it's nothing worth bragging about, but it works for me. I'm using an Athlon x4 630 2.8ghz paired with a GTX 550ti and 4GB's of RAM. Running with a mixture of some high, some standard settings, I can pull an average of around 40fps at 1280x768 resolution, but at night or in a location with a high object population I can just forget about it; it struggles to maintain a minimum of 22fps then, lol :o I think I need a new PC.
  15. Right away I noticed that the movement/controls have improved considerably over Arma 2; that sometimes "awkward" Arma 2 feeling is almost completely gone and Bohemia has thankfully managed to avoid drifting into "run and gun" shooter territory as well. I spend less time fighting with my mouse and keyboard now but I still won't be "720 no-scoping" anyone in Arma 3 anytime soon either, which is a very good thing! ...and wow, I love the volume of the sound effects, I nearly leaped out of my chair the first time I fired my rifle. It really adds to immersion/realism. Finally, a game where the guns are actually loud and don't just produce a pathetic little "snapping" sound like so many other titles. I hope they don't decide to tone that down in the future, because it's a wonderfully visceral experience in it's current state. I could go on forever about all the things I love about this game, but instead I'll just state the only major downside I can think of at the moment, and that's the performance in certain situations... but I'm not exactly running this game on a super powerful gaming PC so I can't complain much. It just seems that sometimes the most trivial little things can cause my framerate to plummet, such as bullet impact particle effects. Oddly enough, 8x anti-aliasing is just as demanding as no anti-aliasing. That's a real head-scratcher, lol. When I consider how nice it looks already plus the overall size and scale of everything it actually performs nicely on my humble little PC though, as long as I avoid massive firefights in locations with dense object populations it remains quite playable with a mixture of high/standard settings and a reasonable view/object rendering distance of 1800. Overall, I'm very satisfied though, even in this limited alpha form Arma 3 has so much more depth than the average shooter out there. I'm so thankful to have a developer like Bohemia Interactive that still makes "true" PC games around. ;)