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  1. I got my $32 worth a long time ago, you won't hear very many complaints out of me :D Arma 3 is a nice breath of fresh air in a gaming world that seems to be increasingly dominated by shallow "Hollywood movie wannabes" that are all flash and no substance. ...and as someone who actually does a bit of 3D modelling in my spare time I have no difficulty at all understanding why models tend to get reused from time to time, especially in an environment the size of Altis. I'm not bothered by the lack of a single player campaign on launch day either, the mission editor is the heart and soul of Arma in my personal opinion, and it's been there since day one.
  2. Koukotsu

    Ricochets in Arma 3?

    Really?! They must have changed things a bit since I last tried it. At one time, I could stand roughly 30-40ft away and skip an entire magazine into a squad mate's torso and they wouldn't even flinch, lol. Oh yeah, it works now
  3. Koukotsu

    Ricochets in Arma 3?

    Yes they do, but according to my tests they are completely incapable of doing any damage after deflecting. Just load up some tracer rounds, set the time of day to night and fire some rounds into the pavement or something, it's quite a sight to behold :D
  4. Koukotsu

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    I've just noticed that AI soldiers are completely incapable of stepping over the little 3 inch curb at the main airport terminal :icon_lol: They simply take the long way around and which usually leads them so far away that it eventually triggers their "report position" communication, lol.
  5. Odd, I tried again and the hand icon appeared immediately after I had it disassembled and I was able to simply hit space and pick it up right on the spot; the difference being, this time I was using the 1st person view instead of the 3rd person view. ...and on an unrelated note, I was thinking that the UGV/Stomper could really benefit from the ability to assign a traveling speed along with the waypoint, as it is now it just plows ahead at full speed no matter what. Being able to quickly send it to one waypoint, where it would subsequently receive instructions to slowly cruise to the next waypoint instead of just putting the hammer down could be very useful.
  6. CTRL + clicking seems to be working fine for me, but I have noticed that the Stomper refuses to advance to the next waypoint until I release the turret controls. Also... I can't pick the Darter up after disassembling it, the backpack just lays on the ground and has no interactions available, neither in the scroll menu or the inventory. The stubborn little thing seems to land wherever it pleases as well, I'd prefer it to touch down in the exact location of the land waypoint regardless of whatever obstacles might be in the way, lol. UAVs/UGVs do seem to be a bit quirky at the moment.
  7. My performance on Altis isn't so bad until I attempt to fly low and fast in the general vicinity of the main airport... it absolutely murders my frame rate! I'm talking 10 frames per second until I slow down to less than 100 km/h, then it bounces back to the usual 30-40fps. I don't exactly have a monstrous beast of a gaming PC though. Altis will keep me busy for a while, I don't even think I have enough years left in my life to witness all it has to offer :omg:
  8. I've watched a few real-world videos of intact bodies (mostly intact...) getting launched to the moon. (figuratively, not literally, lol.) ...but yeah, it takes a lot more than a little hand grenade or 40mm grenade/shell to make it happen.
  9. Koukotsu

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    I'm running it on a fairly mediocre PC, the performance isn't terribly bad until I begin speeding across the terrain in a helicopter around the main airport and it's surroundings... then it tends to plummet below 20fps until I slow things down a bit. My PC just chokes to death trying to keep up with all those objects, but I honestly wasn't expecting mind blowing performance out of a PC with a GTX 550ti, 2.8ghz AMD quad core CPU and 4 GB of RAM anyway. If I'm on the ground, at high altitude, or cruising along at speeds below 100 km/h, the performance is hardly any different than what I experience on Stratis, which is typically between 30-40fps unless I'm attempting to simulate world war 3, lol. I can already tell Altis is going to keep me occupied for quite a while, it has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. :D
  10. Koukotsu

    SweetFX in Arma 3

    Never mind, I just replied to a post that was several months old I believe :o
  11. Koukotsu

    Discussion on simplified features

    The most obvious example I can think of at the moment would be the "instantaneous grenade toss" feature, of course. Being able to Perform field surgery on yourself to restore health is just a bit... wacky as well :butbut:
  12. Koukotsu

    Preference of Arma 2 equipment

    ^ Yeah, I know, I was basically saying that Arma 3 isn't quite as "outrageously futuristic" as some seem to believe it is and everything that is presented already exists in one form or another with the exception of a few "fictional" units that were born out of the necessity of avoiding copyright/licensing issues. Heck, there were even primitive "UAVs" used during WWII if you can consider a radio operated airplane a "UAV..." and you absolutely can, lol.
  13. Koukotsu

    Preference of Arma 2 equipment

    A lot can change in 20 years though, all it takes is one major "breakthrough" and the nature of warfare could be dramatically changed. I'm not exactly making a prophetic declaration or anything but there is absolutely no guarantee that armed combat in the year 2035 will be anything like what we see presented in Arma 3. So... basically, I don't believe it's quite as "futuristic" as some people (Such as the thread's author.) seem to believe it is. It's more like... contemporary combat with a few prototypes tossed in here and there.
  14. Koukotsu

    Preference of Arma 2 equipment

    If anything, the current units/equipment in Arma 3 would be practically obsolete by the year 2035, lol. Besides, there's nothing in it that doesn't already exist in some form or another, aside from a few "fictional" units that were born out of the necessity of avoiding copyright/licensing issues.
  15. Koukotsu

    Improving Ragdoll

    I think the physics in general could use a lot of work. I'm particularly disappointed in the rigidbody physics behaviors, such as the empty barrels that simply fall over and sink into the ground when hit by gunfire or an explosion, or the plastic crates in the Agia Marina canal that just unceremoniously sink straight down when shot... (In reality gunfire doesn't tend to knock heavy objects such as empty metal barrels over at all of course, but a decent sized explosion sure would.) I was really hoping to witness objects getting launched through the air and bouncing/rolling across the terrain when a physics force is applied to them. (Players/A.I. too :bounce3:)
  16. Koukotsu

    best videos to introduce friends to ARMA

    TheSwissMaverick is one of my personal favorite Arma video makers, they tend to fall more into the "instructional" category but he does the occasional content/add-on overview and full length game play videos as well. His editor tutorials are some of the best around, no doubt.
  17. Okay, it seems it was a conflict with the VirtualAmmoBox script that was preventing the restart/team switch/exit menu from appearing, all is well now that I've removed it.
  18. I'm only using the Dfs 3rdPerson view mod, I'll disable it and see if that's the culprit.
  19. Happens to me as well, even in the editor. I die and what looks like a timer pops up at the bottom of the screen, with no exit or restart menu. I guess I'll be reverting back to the stable branch for today, lol.
  20. Koukotsu

    Beta Classnames

    You can find the classnames for all available weapons listed under "cfgWeapons" in the editor's config viewer I believe. The attachments are part of the naming convention, for example, a TRG20 with a holo-sight is: "arifle_TRG20_Holo_F" A "blank" TRG20 should be: "arifle_TRG20_F" I think that's what you were referring to?
  21. Koukotsu

    Game recorder thoughts?

    At the very least I'd love to be able to animate smooth camera sequences, kind of like Cryengine's trackview editor. As in... set the duration of a sequence, register the initial/starting keyframe, advance the timeline, move the camera to a new location and register the next keyframe it should travel to, so on and so on... I'd be thrilled to have something like this even without a replay recorder/viewer, for recording trial and error A.I. action :) You could even reduce the acctime to around 0.2, record with the frame rate locked at something like 10fps, and bring the action back up to normal speed with video editing software to smoothly capture moments that would normally bring your PC to it's knees.
  22. Koukotsu

    Running water

    Stratis is basically a dry, barren rock jutting out of the Mediterranean sea in Arma as well as in real life, but it looks like there is some hope for your idea with "Altis" though :D The new underwater/diving mechanics will be much more useful when we can take advantage of it's lakes, ponds and rivers. (I think I see a few rivers, maybe... :confused:)
  23. Wheeled vehicles don't actually "skid" in Arma 3 though, they just dig in as if they were attached to a rail or something, lol. I'm hoping we can get some decent traction simulation going on for various different surface types eventually, then a skidding sound effect would actually make sense.
  24. Koukotsu


    I love it, I just hope they eventually make it where crashing something like the ATV can send you cartwheeling through the air :) Sticking to them as if you were permanently attached to the seat is a bit disappointing and anti-climactic.
  25. Here's a pic I took while testing out the new Wookie suits and sniper rifles, using my own SweetFX SMAA preset for a slightly warmer look.