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  1. J. Baago

    Dagger Scopes for Arma 3

    Do we still need FOV change?
  2. J. Baago

    US 75th Rangers

    I added you to steam for source files. :-) Alternately write me a PM here. Thanks!
  3. J. Baago

    US 75th Rangers

    Im sure we would be interested Hawaiian. I'll send you a PM to my steam so we can coordinate further if your ok with that? Btw, uploading the fixed version now.
  4. J. Baago

    US 75th Rangers

    Hey Hawaii. I've fixed the config up from the Apex Error. Do you want it to upload, or can I with your permission upload it to Steam Workshop?
  5. J. Baago

    US 75th Rangers

    Hi. Tried the mod last night. Its beautiful however i had some issues. When i equipped the helmet through the arsenal, it ended up on between my legs? As in; when you select the helmet through the arsenal, it does not end up on the head but in another more private place. You have any ideas as to why this is? Would it be possible to use the mod with RobertHammers m4/M16 pack and not have to run the MK18 and SR25 on the side as they are already in that pack? Best Regards, Baago
  6. The 880th is a multinational english speaking ArmA 3 Realism Unit. We are a Military Simulation unit based around the Soviet Armed Forces, specifically Military-Maritime Fleet of the Soviet Union (VMF). Our campaigns are always supported by a extensive backdrop of realistic background stories which is studies on actual geopolitics. This backdrop creates immersion and a sense of your efforts coming together in a bigger picture and making an actual difference. Morskaya Pekhota The 880th Marine Battalion is as accurate as we could possibly get it in regards to equipment, vehicles and more. We do extensive research all the time to get more information on both equipment and Soviet TTP's. Geography We are centered around Central Europe, but we accept all nationalities, provided that their ping and attendance is in order. Website: 880mbn.com Teamspeak:
  7. Squad name: 880th Marine Battalion Timezone/location: GMT+0 Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: hq@880mbn.com Website address: www.880mbn.com Short description: Russian Infantry MilSim Language: English
  8. I cant wait ...
  9. J. Baago

    ASR AI 3

    It is by far the best AI improvement mod you can find. Try it out yourself. It feels like fighting a real enemy. :D
  10. J. Baago

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Hey, any change for a hotfix to add weapon-rest and bipod functionality?
  11. J. Baago

    Who took this picture?

    Indeed it was him, thanks a lot.