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  1. Thank you so much for trying to help, and thanks for your quick response by the way. You really did a great job with this addon. LEA could make me happy as much as an official DLC if i could get it work. This is very useful, and even beyond it; a necessary addon. I really really want to use it, but i don't know whats the problem. Interface and software works just fine. I can create profile, choose weapons & other loadout and it can save the profile as a file. But unfortunately can't apply profile to LEA, whatever i do it will not recognise and see userconfig folder =(
  2. i did exactly like you said, created a userconfig at root of C:\ and give the path c:\userconfig, and yes, still getting the same error. It doesn't matter, my game is not on C, it's on D:\ and when i try to copy entire game to C:\ section, doesn't make a difference. Getting that error all the time
  3. Nope, actually target folder is "D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\userconfig" , and still not working. I've also tried to show the main game folder too. I've tried every folder, every combination and always the same error: "Path to userconfig folder is invalid". I really didnt understand the reason. I'm using mods / addons for years, and this is the first addon that i couldn't get work.
  4. Thank you for this great addon, but i have a problem. LEA cant recognise my userconfig folder. I'm using Arma 2 complete collection steam version, so i've arma 2, operation arrowhead and baf & pmc. My Operation Arrowhead installed on "D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead" folder. I have ArmA 2, CBA and java installed. I've installed LEA any other folder to my computer, and copied @LEA folder to my Arma2 OA folder. Then, launch the software as administrator (using win 7) , everything works fine, i can create a profile, select weapons & other loadout stuff, or even can save the profile. But, when i try to apply loadout to LEA (after click Apply to @LEA button), it asks for userconfig folder (which i have already one in main arma 2 oa folder) and whatever i do, it doesn't see the folder and gives the error : "Path to userconfig folder is invalid". I'm sure i did everything right, there must be something wrong or i'm missing something. I've read a dozen instructions and they are exactly like my installation, nothing seems wrong. Folders, modfolders, files... everything in right place. But it gives the "Path to userconfig folder is invalid" error everytime when i try to apply my loadout profile to @LEA, although userconfig is already in Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead folder. Some important things : * I'm using win7 and yes, i install & launch "lea" as administrator * I've @LEA folder also in "steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead" folder, and i've already got a userconfig folder in amra 2 oa folder * At LEA interface, required addons section is empty (so i'm not using ACE or any other mod). They also unchecked at addon manager section * My steam installation of Arma 2 and OA up to date, latest versions * LEA version is also up to date version (1.4.74) * LEA Software opens and work perfectly, i can choose weapons & other loadout stuff. PROBLEM IS when i try to apply my created new loadout profile to @LBA, i cant show my userconfig folder to LEA. It gives error : "Path to userconfig folder is invalid". And unfortunately cant create lea folder in userconfig. Also in game, "apply loadout" action is active but when i click it gives error, cause there is no config file * I have ArmA 2, CBA and java installed * I have also tried to install to Arma 2 folder, bu its not working either Can someone help, please?