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  1. Hello all, I'm Casper I'm looking to join a dedicated group/clan of semi serious players for Arma III. -I'm from California (Bay Area) so I'll usually be available in the evenings and weekends PST. -My system is easily handling Arma 3 Alpha and I do use a mic for communications. Open to many different roles as needed. -Long time PC gamer that has always enjoyed more realistic gaming to the run and gun that's everywhere. -I started with the OFP series all though I never been on a team due to lack of time. I'd like to try and change that. What I'm looking for: -A good group of guys or a clan that can have fun, don't mind teaching (some stuff) and tends to be a little older. Maturity doesn't have to mean age level. -I'm up for anything and everything, I understand this game has a lot to offer and look forward to taking advantage of that as much as I can. -I've never been in the military, but I don't mind playing with those that have. I welcome their experience. -A welcoming environment. Thanks guys.