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    Arma3 Videos

  2. Heli damage seems broken. Every time I got hit playing Domination, it was insta death. I was ejected out of the heli, it blew and I came falling to the ground. I was doing this purposely over and over again and no matter where I was hit from same thing. I would just be flying along and bang falling to death animation. Something is seriously wrong here.
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    Stealth Kills?

    I would hate to see a knife implemented if it was anything like the broken horrible instadeath animation in BF3. You can literally be 4 -5 metres away from someone, hit the button and instantly transport next to the person for a kill. If it is implemented it has to be done right or left out altogether.
  4. Hi all, Age: 34 Location: Australia Looking for a realism based squad/team to join. Newish to the series but have been playing the alpha pretty much since release and pick things up very fast and vast amounts of experience with FPS. Cheers Nex