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    Purpose of ARMA

    Never played ARMA before, read some stuff about it and watched some YouTube videos, coming from battlefield since DICE is ruining the game. What is the point of ARMA??? I know there's no Team Deathmatch multiplayer match type of stuff but are there multiplayer games where you have a squad and have to take out everyone else or is it pretty much just all doing missions with A.I. and your buddies? If someone could give me a run down about the main activities people partake in in ARMA that would be great. The game looks insanely realistic and is full of options and I'd really like to know more about it. Thanks
  2. Been helping out a little bit with some stuff here and there but I'm a bit concerned about my graphics card. i7 3630QM 6 MB L3 cache 8GB DDR3 RAM (worth it to go up to 16GB, can top out at 32GB if needed although that seems crazy) GTX 670MX 3GB GDDR5 here's the actual laptop: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus---17.3%26%2334%3B-Laptop---8GB-Memory---1TB-Hard-Drive---Black/7674057.p;tab=reviews?id=1218858193064&skuId=7674057#tab=specifications Am I going to need a better graphics card to run on high settings or will this suffice
  3. @FCK1T, I don't know an absolute ton about computers like that guy who wrote an essay to that one dude arguing dumb points who can't spell awhile back in the comments (you follow me?) but here's what I can tell you: Holy fuck a 7970k is not even in existence. On the reals though, for a processor- this has to be one of the top processors I've seen: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Intel+-+Core%26%23153%3B+i7-3930K+6-Core+3.2GHz+Processor/4734431.p?id=1218518551230&skuId=4734431#tab=reviews ^that is an intel i7 3930k 6-core 3.2GHz processor, really beefy As far as a GPU, I would probably go with GTX Titan or 690, although I've heard bad things about the Kepler architecture used in the 600 series as compared to the Fermi architecture in the 500 series, had something to do with limited bandwidth Motherboards I know nothing about but it shouldn't really matter as long as it supports your processor and doesn't result in high temps (heat kills) As far as RAM there's no conceivable need in my mind to go above 32GB of it, 16GB should get it done for pretty much every game ever made to this point. For hard drives, definitely get an SSD for your OS and things like ARMA that you want really really fast read/write times on, for your other computer files/less important shit tacking on a bigger HDD for storage wouldn't be a bad idea. PSUs I have no clue about, all I can offer here is don't put your computer in a box. Give it some space, I have always put 4 wooden blocks on the corners on my computers to elevate them and give them some breathing room. Sound cards, no help from me here once more... Monitors, I mean they shouldn't be that hard to decide on. Make sure it has good resolution and some nice features and plug-ins so you can do all sorts of fancy shit with it. Turtle Beach makes insane head sets, never had a bad experience with any of them. They give you independent game volume and chat volume controls and last forever as well as being very comfortable, incredibly sharp in the actual audio department, and you get a lot out of your dollar (or pound) for those things. That's all I can offer, talk to a pro and don't fall for dumbass marketing shit. Have fun building the biggest rig in the history of rigs, averagejoe620
  4. averagejoe620

    Battlefield 4

    that seems like a really cool take on communication- hopefully they'll release something similar for arma 3?
  5. I'll be rolling with an ASUS G75VX in a few weeks and I'm pumped: core i7 3630QM 3GB (dedicated) DDR5 GTX 670MX 16 GB DRR3 RAM - I could go up to 32GB RAM if I wanted to though. 1920x1080 resolution Best part: $1250 (unless I add RAM and an SSD, but that'll put me around $1500 which still isn't bad at all I think)
  6. averagejoe620

    Battlefield 4

    Is anyone else new here from Battlefield? I've been a huge BF guy my entire gaming career and have loved battlefield since BF2, which was really the peak, but now battlefield is going in the entirely wrong direction and I can't do it anymore. EA decided to remove any sort of in-game VOIP from BF4, and that's where I draw the line. Where's the teamwork in that, where's the spirit of battlefield that gave birth to the whole damn series in the first place? Gone, that's where it is. Can't take EA's bullshit anymore, so I'm here since I heard ARMA is a good alternative given some time to get adjusted to the more tactical gameplay/less crazy explosions. Speaking of which, any things I should be aware of pertaining to ARMA that defines the series or that especially pertains to the gameplay?
  7. CoD has halted the innovation of an entire genre of games in my opinion. All recent shooters have strived to incorporate elements of CoD into their games in efforts to achieve the success CoD has and the result has been a bunch of versions of the same basic game. Plus, for some reason no one seems to give a shit anymore about the effect they have on gaming. People just buy the newest shit Activison/EA pumps out without caring how much effort was put into it. Just look at pre-orders, like why the hell you gonna dish money for something you have no clue about in terms of quality or enjoyment? I just want some fresh takes you know, some risky moves, new shit, competitive moves among the game industry, instead of lackluster copies of CoD.
  8. averagejoe620

    Bioshock Infinite

    I'm also looking into this game and it looks really fun. IGN review on youtube said it got stale, and I can see that, but overall it seems a lot different than any other game I've seen and that's why I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it