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  1. Hello. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a script so that when you are in a certain vehicle you are locked to first person? When walking around etc it needs to allow 1st/3rd person. The other thing I need with this script is to have it so that it is only for a specific vehicle. I have a heli in my mission that I want units to have 1st person locked. However there is also a boat in my mission that I dont want to have 1st person locked. I hope I have explained what I mean enough. Thanks.
  2. lol I used the swichCamera and it makes my camera go crazy inside of a heli haha constantly shakes from left to right wtf?!? ---------- Post added at 20:56 ---------- Previous post was at 20:52 ---------- Oh where would I put that code mate?
  3. I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I think this is a pretty god dam cool addon. However I was wondering if someone could help me use only the backpacks part? All I want to be to do for my mission is eject from a heli with a parachute and then bag attached to my front. If anyone knows how to do this then please post here or PM me. Thanks.
  4. 1 mate, Ideally I would like it to last around 45-60 minutes to make it feel like a really hard battle that exhausts the players from constant attacks. I have edited the spawner.sqf to how I thought it would look to get multiple enemies spawning with there own way points. EnemyWave = 1; hint "1 Minute Until Next Wave"; sleep 60; UnitType = "O_soldier_f"; NumberOfUnits = 3; for [{_x=0}, {_x < NumberOfUnits}, {_x=_x+1}] do { red = creategroup east; UnitType createUnit [getmarkerpos "Marker_1", red, "newUnit = this; _wp = red addWaypoint [getmarkerpos ""Marker_7"", 0]; UnitType createUnit [getmarkerpos "Marker_2", red, "newUnit = this; _wp = red addWaypoint [getmarkerpos ""Marker_8"", 0]; UnitType createUnit [getmarkerpos "Marker_3", red, "newUnit = this; _wp = red addWaypoint [getmarkerpos ""Marker_9"", 0]; UnitType createUnit [getmarkerpos "Marker_4", red, "newUnit = this; _wp = red addWaypoint [getmarkerpos ""Marker_10"", 0]; UnitType createUnit [getmarkerpos "Marker_5", red, "newUnit = this; _wp = red addWaypoint [getmarkerpos ""Marker_11"", 0]; ", 1, "colonel"]; }; UnitType = nil; NumberOfUnits = nil; EnemyWave = 0; hint "Insurgents are inbound!"; Like so, only now no AI spawn again :S
  5. Hello I have been using this to set up a wave of AI to attack my F.O.B http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160718-How-can-I-make-NPC-wave-spawning I receive the hint about the wave incoming and then that the wave has deployed yet I don't see any AI? Also I would like it so they spawn in more then that one Marker_1 area. You may be thinking why I didn't just post in the thread on that link... Well I checked to see when he was last online and it was OCT 2013 so I guessed he doesn't come on here much anymore.
  6. Yeah that got that working mate thanks! Although only one group spawned at one location and none at the rest and once I killed those AI there was no more waves after that. Any Ideas on that?
  7. Ok thanks mate. is it possible to change what type of units spawn etc? Maybe there is a better tutorial out there to do this as the one I followed doesn't really help me that much.
  8. Yes it works mate thank you very much!
  9. Hello I have some Modules set up and I would like them only to become available once my group enters a Trigger. I have searched for the answer but I cant find it. Anyone have any ideas how to do this?.
  10. Ah ok I know about the .rpt files, Just didn't know you could add that to the launch options. Sorry mate I still don't understand what you mean? lol I am really noob with code etc
  11. Could you be a bit more elaborate please?
  12. what do you mean by that mate?
  13. Yeah I tried this. Basically it is the virtual arty module, air supply. air attack, and bombing run. I want them to only to become available once inside the F.O.B (and trigger).
  14. kdk11

    Hunter Retexture: Woodland

    Great work mate :) Cant wait to see the full fleet once you have done it.
  15. Thanks mate all the best to you too.
  16. Too dark? Its quite hard to get the exact colour of the uniform here lol maybe I should just take it from the uniform instead of the one I made. Hmmmmmm. Forget the flash too, I know they go on helmets was just checking what it looked like in game since I am yet to do anything with the helmet.
  17. You would have to ask Tanky or Champy that one mate. they decide what gets reskinned and I do it :)
  18. It was all manual labour of love matie
  19. The warrior is loaded with proxies and it looks rubbish when retextured :(
  20. Upcoming ARMA 3 addon by KDK-Tankbuster-Champy_UK. After seeing the CTRG GhostHawk in the Alpha version of Arma for a short period of time, I have been working with Tankbuster and Champy_UK from the |GITS| clan to create from scratch our own version of the CTRG camo for vehicles in Arma 3. There is some things that need changing and a few vehicles still need texturing. Below are some photos of what we have achieved so far. As always feel free to comment below, Constructive criticism is always welcome :).
  21. kdk11

    WIP CTRG camo

    Hopefully get some sort of release later on today (sunday). Have fixed the Buzzards problem now just need some small testing to be done and then it should be good to go.
  22. When I try to start arma with my addon I recieve this error message Addon 'KDK_CTRG_skins' requires addon 'A3_Air_f_Beta_Heli_Attack_01_F' I am not sure why I am getting this error message I was wondering if anyone on here knows why?. ---------- Post added at 00:23 ---------- Previous post was at 23:44 ---------- Warning Message: Addon 'KDK_CTRG_skins' requires addon 'A3_Air_F_Beta_Heli_Attack_01_F' Warning Message: Addon 'KDK_CTRG_skins' requires addon 'A3_Air_F_Beta_Heli_Transport_01_F' Warning Message: Addon 'KDK_CTRG_skins' requires addon 'A3_Air_F_B_Heli_Light_01_F' Warning Message: Addon 'KDK_CTRG_skins' requires addon 'A3_Air_F_B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F'