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  1. Remember: This is still an alpha. The game isn't fully optimized yet. Also; if you have a Nvidia card (MSI preferably), download MSI Afterburner. It gave me a steady 10-30 fps boost. You just need to find the right settings, and you'll definitely see an fps increase(Assuming you have decent CPU that won't bottleneck). Afterburner is also one of the safest overclocking software available, as long as you don't play with the voltage. There are tons of guides, just google it. And as i stated in my previous post: I highly recommend Game Booster. It will close any unnecessary applications that may slow you down. You may also want to lower the Nvidia Control Panel settings (under "Manage 3D Settings"). You can also Ctrl + alt + delete and open the Task Manager, then right click on Arma3 and set the priority to high. Don't use Realtime, though.
  2. I've got a GTX 660 Ti from MSI(Overclocked), and an i5 3570k, and i'm getting 70-90 fps on medium/high settings. Read this guide, it helped me alot: http://www.day0.com.au/forum/arma/70-arma-3-alpha-performance-tweaks-and-settings-guide Also, grab Game Booster.
  3. Then what settings should i use for decent fps?
  4. My specs are: CPU - Intel i5 3570k (stock fan). GPU - MSI GTX 660 Ti OC V1. RAM - Corsair 8GB 1600Mhz Vengeance. PSU - Corsair HX750W Professional Series. Motherboard - Asus P8B75-M LE.