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  1. Arma 3's small island would make a great Vietnam Domination Island. Even Crete and I44. Great work Egg. Any chance of more community add ins on your maps? In arma 2 we for example used the Air support script , was great. It seems so many great heads all making these great maps, imagine a group effort. WOW.... Used on a Dynamic battle map on a server.. Talk about ground breaking. Actually use your favorite force and their kit. Something to ponder I guess for the future. Esp on a ww2 themed server.

    BI has come a long way since Op Flash Point and Arma 1. It sucks Cornered Rat and their WW2 online won't work in arma using their outstanding ideas. That style game and map with Arma tech, stand by..

  2. How about random roaming patrols. Or IED's, and use of air support scripting that allows a strike over comms. I would like a map that uses true tactics, resupply, air evac, less respawning more worry about ones a$$. More realism. Award points for not having to respawn due to being shot. I know arty vehicles and tanks etc are on the way. I we used the dynamic idea of a map it would be a hit I believe. I have a server box just waiting for such a mission.

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    Oh perhaps the ability to play on redfor also. Maybe a few spots for Insurgants. Nothing like someone on that side. Gives redofr a whole new life. Or a command option for refor, where a human player has some control of the redfor, to respond to the bluefor attack.