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  1. GenomaStudio

    Mk18Mod1 [ALPHA]

    3 camos: Default, black and desert.
  2. GenomaStudio

    Mk18Mod1 [ALPHA]

    https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/--HCzv8QJHPo/UYvrRjOoUfI/AAAAAAAAAKI/ENemB7WNz1o/s1024/MRAD_Preview.jpg Coming Soon...
  3. GenomaStudio

    Mk18Mod1 [ALPHA]

    The MRAD will be compatible with all original optical and also incorporated arma3 sniper optics designed by GenomaStudios. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ONSDsHG2qzA/UYUH2QHkBFI/AAAAAAAAAJo/rEIEfms7Ny8/s1600/Image9.png
  4. GenomaStudio

    Mk18Mod1 [ALPHA]

    Thank you all for the feedbacks. The following addon upgrade weapons, several changes will be made: Rinse textures. Renaming Mk18mod1 to OBR556. Changing gun reload sound. Increase the muzzle recoil. We study the option of modifying or adding camouflage desert. Will add a new weapon, the Barrett Mrad. We are still in the process of modeling. Thanks.
  5. GenomaStudio

    Remodeling Backpacks

    A good tool to decompress eliteness pBOS is, with it you can see the contents of the configs binarized.