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  1. Nice detail. Love your models. Can't wait to see the Arma 3 versions.
  2. Looking good. Are the Arma 2 and Arma 3 packs going to have the same content?
  3. banky

    Middle East Irregulars

    Nice job man. I've been using a script to do almost the exact same thing, but had to run it every time I spawned an East unit or group to change them into insurgents. This will make my life a lot easier lol. Out of curiosity, if you're using massi's weapons, what are you using out of sudden's Russians pack?
  4. banky

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Why wouldn't you want all the weapons in the pack? They're awesome.
  5. banky

    Lip Movement

    Cool, thanks man. Much appreciated.
  6. banky

    Lip Movement

    Has anyone uploaded a user mission that uses .lip files successfully that I could look at? Sorry to double post but, but it's driving me crazy that I can't get this to work. Thanks. :)
  7. banky

    UPSMON for arma3

    I set the debug to zero in your latest release, but I still get spammed with what house position everyone is moving to when I start a mission, even if they're on the opposite side.
  8. banky

    Lip Movement

    Thanks for your help frag. Here's the sample. http://speedy.sh/mY5aN/nomodtest.Stratis.rar EDIT** I just realized that I had left the say command both in the guys init and in the waypoint onact. That's just from testing and I forgot to delete it from his init before I saved and uploaded. Trust me, I have not been trying to run it like that. My bad lol.
  9. banky

    Lip Movement

    Yes. Everything plays fine ingame, the sounds are all 16bit mono 44100hz .ogg files.
  10. banky

    Lip Movement

    For some reason I have never been able to get this to work. I've used a ton of custom sounds but any that I generate a .lip for, it never works. Is there a special line you have to put in the description?
  11. I'm still waiting for him to release TPW_PETS. Lol
  12. Looking good. Will that top mounted ir laser make it into the arma 3 pack?
  13. Just downloaded the British and French, they are still exactly like the old E3 units and not like the new ones in the screenshots. Should that be?
  14. banky

    =BTC= Revive

    Can you still drag or carry?
  15. banky

    SOC WIP Thread

    Thanks Bink.
  16. banky

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    And you have to get a set amount of TPS reports done in those 8 hours or the hostage dies.
  17. banky

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Great. Now I can always feel like I'm at work. Lol. Nice job man; so many new possibilities. :-)
  18. banky

    Scope Mod A3

    I second that. Is the illuminating strip across the top hard to do? Nobody ever seems to add that when making an acog.
  19. I love using this mod as well. My only request is for an option in the userconfig to turn it off for specific sides. I really like the enemy having the ability to rain arty down on my head at any given moment, but I would rather be in charge of calling in my own mortar rounds and such. Like having a choice to turn it on or off for east, west, and/or independent in the userconfig. And thanks a ton for giving us this awesome mod!
  20. That looks great. Just needs the ACOG from your Arma 2 pack and it will be the only weapon I ever need. :-) Nice work man.
  21. banky

    Susat Scope

    Seems, at least in my case, your config for the susat overrides any others. Like if I have just the fhq bonus config active, it works fine, if I then activate Iansky's scopes, that config overrides the fhq config and they can no longer be used on vanilla weapons, but Iansky's can. When i have the susat activated, it seems to win out over the other two and only the susat can be placed on vanilla weapons. I've tried all combos of the three packs listed above, and it always ends up the same, Iansky beats fhq, susat beats both. Since your config is the dominant one (again, this is just in my case, not sure if this is how it would go for everyone) I just opened up the susat config.cpp and added the class names all the other optics from the packs I have installed to the cow slot line, and now all those optics work in harmony with any vanilla weapon, or any custom weapon that uses the vanilla config. You could just add all known community optics class names to your config like I did, but anyone who was missing any of them would probably get an error message when they start up the game. And that's the extent of my knowledge lol.