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  1. "Sh_120_HE", "M_Mo_82mm_AT", "Sh_82mm_AMOS", "Sh_120_HE", "Sh_82mm_AMOS", "M_Mo_82mm_AT", "M_RPG32_AA_F", not tried all of them most work
  2. @privateponage this is arma 3 section you need arma 2 and start new post don't highjack someone elses
  3. group vehicle to trigger then you will have a new drop down in the trigger
  4. Blitzer134

    Available Vehicles

    Hunter\atv = blufor vehicles ifrit\atv = opfor offroad = civies was he using empty vehicle ? was he using mods (all in arma\glt)?
  5. @ frostey007-This code goes in the vehicle init box when your in the editor veh = [this, 15, 10, 5, TRUE, FALSE, "this setDammage 0.5"] execVM "vehicle.sqf" is that what you mean ?
  6. adjust attachto command 5meters
  7. Add this to invisible helipad this = "test_EmptyObjectForFireBig" createVehicle position this; maybe attach to vehicle?
  8. Can anyone help me repair this scripts since security updates im using DEV build, put as a spoiler because its quite long
  9. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20015&highlight=TAXI http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19602 Not tried this one
  10. Blitzer134

    Issue with load screen...

    either you didn't save any updates you did to your description.ext (eg :save as MP) or upload your mission i'll be happy to look at it
  11. Blitzer134

    Splash Screen Edit

    I had to restart the game to add a new pic SA file name ? if yes then the pic inside that file? spelling same (CAPS) etc in desc.ext and picture path try- LoadScreen = "intro.jpg"; // intro name of pic put picture in the mission folder
  12. i'll spawn civilians like this if (!isServer) exitWith {}; waituntil {!isnil "bis_fnc_init"}; civ = createGroup east; sleep 0.5; "O_soldier_TL_F" createUnit [getMarkerPos "spwn1", civ ,"civ _1 = this,0.8, "sergeant"]; sleep 0.5; how can I delete them when we leave area because only a few will die by a bomber don't want randoms walking around or is there easier ways
  13. Blitzer134

    delete units arfter leaving help

    @BearBison CHEERS thats perfect the problem was the civies thanks for your help @sasij thanks
  14. Blitzer134

    delete units arfter leaving help

    sorry to be a pain could you upload test mission please ?
  15. Blitzer134

    delete units arfter leaving help

    WEST countside thislist == 0 && !alive ied not working maybe i'm doing something wrong i'll keep trying after some sleep thanks for help
  16. Blitzer134

    Some questions

    1) this setpos (((getpos this) nearestobject 126938) buildingpos 5); 126938 id of building 5 location in building or maybe // this setpos [(getpos this) select 0, (getpos this) select 1, 2.0]; 0 being height // 2)group trigger to building put over building then put not present
  17. Blitzer134


    Thanks a lot for you help and advice
  18. does anyone know How to remove hint off screen top right corner Thanks
  19. Blitzer134


    crB_UnitCaching modified by Wolffy.au when playing keep on getting hint about how many units cached in top right corner I've put // to disable it but don't want to delete anything because not sure what to do that's all I can find with hint how to disable ?
  20. Blitzer134

    Warning then kick for firing at base

    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18751 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18615
  21. Need help arming a civilian so you can clearly see he's armed (any rifle will do ) Thanks
  22. Blitzer134

    arm a civilian ?

    that what I was trying must just be a bug, I though maybe something changed Thank Anyway
  23. author ="your name"; loadScreen ="pics\intro.jpg"; onLoadName ="mission name" onLoadMission ="mission intel"; onLoadMissionTime = 1; showCompass = 1; showGPS = 1; showMap = 1; showWatch = 1; respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 20; respawnDialog = 1; enableItemsDropping = 0; disabledAI = 0;