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  1. Hi, I just played thought your mission as I liked the sound of it and thought i would give you some feedback. As I played it single player I left the 2nd AI guy at the base and just went solo. First of all the AI in the game at the moment is pretty lacking and their accuracy seems to be pretty shocking, they also have a habit of opening up on you when something is in the way and they don't have a clear shot. Admittedly not your fault but it does detract a bit from the mission. Somethings I would like to see changed... My character seems to spot things and then proceed to give me an incorrect audio location to there whereabouts forcing me to open the map and actually see where they are. The whole thing needs to be removed, the game should not bring my attention to the enemy I should have to find them myself, it is spotter and sniper practice after all. This alone would add to the difficulty quite considerably and make up for the suspect AI. I only ran thought it twice, but the travel time to the mission and the exfiltration point seem a bit rather a bit too far for my tastes something like this should be quite hard and require a lot of retries, keeping the travel time to a minimum would be for the best if that is the route you take with it. My completion time was 23mins a good 5-8 mins of that was driving close to the town, walking into it, then walking to the exfil site. Both people if alive should have to make it to the exfil site, as long as I made it there the mission ended even tho my buddy was miles away. It's quite fun and I enjoyed playing it, however, when I played it degenerated into CQC fighting as I swept though the town looking for the guy, if you get on a hill the AI seems to see you from miles away and just opens up on you with more and more AI joining in as time goes on. The CQC method seems to be the most effective which I don't think is what you were really aiming for. Just another question what does the score represent at the end? Making this night time only being given a suppressed pistol, seems like it would be more fitting to the area and play style that it encourages.