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  1. m3luck3ycharms

    Project RACS

    Jesus, Wld427! You almost made me lose No-Nut November with these fantastic screenshots. On a serious note, excellent job as always. I cannot wait to see what you do with the Royal Marines.
  2. m3luck3ycharms

    Project RACS

    Hey, Wld! It's so good to hear that PRACS is making its way into the Arma 3 verse! I have a question about the Royal Marines. Are you intending on expanding them with equipment or arms or are you keeping them the same? Would they be getting standard equipment as the Royal army or still hand-me-downs? I ask because the Royal Sahrani Marines were always my favourite group to fight under. I know you said that the Royal Marines weren't traditional Marines like say The United States Marine Corps or the Royal Korean Marine Corps. But are you trying to aim for the British Royal Marines or Thai Marines? I'm just excited because being a Marine myself, I'd like to stick with a faction I'm familiar with. Also, any chance of seeing the F-4E phantoms in action or are you keeping the air force assets the same? I just thought it'd go alone with the Mirages and A-4s. Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions. I'm just so excited to see this back.
  3. m3luck3ycharms

    Project RACS

    I'm loving that Patton. <3
  4. m3luck3ycharms

    Project RACS

    looking good there. so are the desert units still going to be the same pbo file or a new one entirely? still kinda of cautious due to the lack of african faces (still using the previous release version before the November update.) wish i could get a closer look at that camo. not sure if i see green on it or it's the screen edit. looking foward to more updates
  5. m3luck3ycharms

    80s, 90s, early 2000 US Military

    Not sure if this has been asked already, but since MARPAT was fielding for the Marines in 2002, do you plan to include that in the pack?
  6. m3luck3ycharms

    Project RACS

    Can't wait for online experience when this is released.
  7. m3luck3ycharms

    Project RACS

    I Think what he's trying to say is because he believes Sahrani has the oil and rich resources such as the UAE, that should be an excuse to release the F-18. I agree that it should still be out of the Sahrani armory as it might be going overboard. But don't you think the Royal Navy is kind of lacking in terms with fighter jets? The Etendards are good, but maybe also an F-4 phantom for the Navy/Marine airwing since it, along with the F-16s, were widely exported? I was thinking maybe the early F-4 series that lacked the nose gun prior to the F-4E model, so it'll give a balance of power. Like how the JSDF's Phantom doesn't have the nose gun. Or would that still be asking too much for Sahrani? Sorry, Just so used to the JSDF I sometimes crosstrain with in Okinawa.
  8. m3luck3ycharms

    Project RACS

    I want to ask. Are the two seater Mirage 2000s making a comeback or are they gone for good? Seems the RSAF would want to keep the 2000 over the older Mirage III fighter.
  9. m3luck3ycharms

    Project RACS

    I second this. As a U.S. Marine, I myself have become heavily attached to the RSMC faction to the point I barely ever play as the regular foot soldiers of the Royal Sahrani Forces. I see your point in wishing that you just kept them as ship security and nothing more, but it'll be a shame to just throw all that hard work away for the ArmA 3 version (Which I'm excited to hear that you might actually be doing this.). If need be, I would suggest just keeping them how they are now or do what Lt. Phoenix said and just make them as a commando force like how the RMC does. I've been a long time follower of RACS. Whatever you decide of the RSMC's fate it up to you. I just wanted to put my input in as I'll be very sad if they were to just disappear all together in ArmA3