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  1. Don't bother upgrading your system because it's not that, it's the game and it probably won't be improved much. Welcome to the arma series.
  2. I am having some problems with my z-index on controls in my dialog, I can't figure out how to change which are on top of each other. I think I read somewhere the z-index is based on the order of the classes but this isn't working.
  3. Instynct

    dialog elements z index

    Ah I fixed it by restarting the editor.
  4. Instynct

    dialog elements z index

    Anyone please, I need some help with this.
  5. Is it possible for the server to assign private variables to units that the client can't edit using setVariable? And also is it possible for the client to remotely execute a function on the server that returns said variable. Say I wanted to set a variable for a player called money, and not let the client have only read access to it.
  6. I'm trying to set a control elements position from my dialog to my mouse location but I can't find any methods for getting the mouse cursor location. Any help?
  7. I've tried this, the problem is the first event handler always starts before the one that can get the mouse position and there's no way to set priority to which one starts first.
  8. But that won't really work in my context, I just need to get the mouse position once, not every time it moves. I need to get the position inside of another event handler to set the position of a different control. Like this -> User clicks a button -> get mouse position -> set another control to that position. And another problem I'm having is the MouseEnter and MouseExit event handlers don't work at all.... Easily the worst UI system i've ever seen in a game.
  9. Instynct

    GUI import + export help?

    Thanks man. I was copying the multiline comment by accident, duh -.- lol
  10. I think I might be doing something wrong here... so when I export my gui to gui editor format and copy all of that to my clipboard and later want to import it I try to use ctrl+o to "import gui format" back into the gui editor but nothing happens.... Also for the "import config format" what exactly do I enter to import my config class back into the gui editor.
  11. Is it possible to get a list of .sqf files a user has in their arma 3 folder and read them? If it is possible you could easily make an admin panel and check suspect users sqf files manually for hacking scripts instead of scanning for functions like other antihack scripts do.
  12. Is there a way to implement a custom item that you can add to the inventory that uses a model already in the game but a different picture? I can't find anything on this for arma 3. Also without using a @mod.
  13. So, since this was the last update for Alpha I'm guessing this shows they can't fix the most reported issue in the feedback tracker about low fps / utilization just as most people thought. I'm really disappointed and probably won't buy another bohemia interactive game if they don't listen to their community. With issues like this you shouldn't keep quiet about and at least inform us on progress if you don't want people to think the worst. When this thread get locked like all other threads related to this issue do I guess it's further proof they are trying to cover something up.
  14. Instynct

    # Issue not being solved in alpha?

    That doesn't really make any sense, there is a core problem with the engine that makes it unplayable for many people, it's not like it's a slight fps drop. A problem like this should be addressed before more content is added.
  15. It there a method for selecting all buildings to iterate over in arma 3? I can't seem to find it anywhere in docs.
  16. Instynct

    Extremely low FPS

    Yep, welcome to another arma installment where the devs ignore the core engine issues. But they have no idea how many people are going to complain about this issue when it hits beta/launch.
  17. Instynct

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS - Cont

    I agree, there was no reason to close the thread, moderator should have moderated it, not closed it... I'm getting even worse fps after the patch, 15-20 max CPU is only being used 23%.... Specs: i7-3610QM Ivy bridge @ 2.30GHz GTX 675m 16gb ddr3
  18. Instynct

    Skip Role Assignment?

    It's pretty lame having to go through that screen though, doesn't dayz skip it?
  19. Probably why the latest version has very few players.
  20. Instynct

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Seems to me like they are trying to avoid acknowledging the issue. White seems to be the only one with the balls to do something. They are already thinking about Beta when they have such a giant problem with their engine? Doesn't sound like a priority to me.