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  1. I'm getting 50 fps in agia marina with everything maxed completely... WOW I might start playing this game again. However this probably doesn't mean squat considering there were no other players on the server. EDIT NVM performance still degrades like crazy, after playing 10 minutes on a server with players fps dropped to 20. Too good to be true. RIG: i7 4770k and 2x GTX 780 Ti
  2. Instynct

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Still the game runs just as poor as the day it was first released in alpha for me. I cannot get over 50 fps in altis anywhere on the map and I get 20 fps in cities. I think it's funny thinking back to alpha when everyone said 'It's alpha optimization will come in beta'. Look at us now, hahahahahah BIS basically took our money and decided 'nope' too much work this will have to do.
  3. Instynct

    Very low FPS

    Ding Ding Ding We have a winner. If I were you I wouldn't upgrade your system JUST to play this game because it won't make much of a difference.
  4. Instynct

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Hence why I own a PC. Once you've played a properly optimized game it's really hard to go back from it. For me anything above 50 fps looks great, but once I dip lower the immersion is killed. EG: Try running BF4 at 80fps maxed @ 1440p then going to Arma 3 multiplayer and run at 20-40 fps on any settings. I don't expect to be able to play at 80 fps maxed on Arma 3, I expect to get a stable frame rate @ about 50 fps on about Medium in multiplayer.
  5. Instynct

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    You'd think they would take that €500,000 and put it into the engine, not content. Content is nothing without stable performance. Btw if you think 37 fps is smooth, you've probably been playing on an outdated rig your entire life or playing nothing but bohemia's games.
  6. Instynct

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Really? Because I don't think I've seen one person complaining about not being able to run on ultra. I've seen many people complaining about performance no matter the graphical setting.
  7. Instynct

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Seriously? At this stage you're still blaming users computers. LOL
  8. It seems that most people on these forums need to read this because that's all they are suggesting. I get about 5 fps difference on low to ultra and never go above 40 fps on multiplayer and usually at 20-30 fps.
  9. This game is as far optimized as it will get I'm guessing. I've been waiting months for a stable framerate resolution. Haven't seen any major improvements in fps since alpha. All of my friends quit playing this game because multiplayer performance is so poor and now I have too. Can't get over 40 fps with a 4770k and gtx 780 ti sli. How is this even remotely acceptable? I guess because the game has no real competition it's okay for it to be practically unplayable from performance. BIS already knew their engine needed major attention in arma 2 so why did they completely ignore the core performance issues that still exist in arma 3. They knew 90% of their players bought the game to play online. Was this just a cash grab on bohemia's end? And don't even bother posting these 'placebo' fixes in this thread.
  10. I find it so funny that everyone gives this game a free pass performance wise because 'the map is huge'. Really??? That is no excuse for such low performance as people are getting with modern pcs. Have you ever heard of something called view distance? It's not like your computer renders the entire map at the same time. Sure the map size should have an impact on performance but not as poorly as the game currently runs in multiplayer.
  11. Instynct

    So that's it then...? Perrformance

    No worries it's the exact same issue for me and most others. Don't bother trying to mess with settings because they won't make a difference. It's the game engine itself.
  12. Instynct

    So that's it then...? Perrformance

    Maybe try doing research before posting something you have no idea what you're talking about.
  13. Instynct

    So that's it then...? Perrformance

    Finally someone with some sense. Sounds like forums are full of BI fanboys who think 40 fps is good when in reality this game is so stuttery at 40 fps and dips into the 20s very commonly. As I stated in the thread, I'm talking about MP performance not single player. If MP ran anywhere near like single player I wouldn't be complaining.
  14. Don't bother with the placebo fixes people post on this forum. It's all the game and nothing can be done on your end.
  15. Instynct

    FPS Question - ArmA 3

    It's not your rigs fault dude, it's the game. SO many people are having this problem including me. The only thing that will make it playable is getting a latest gfx card like 7970 or gtx 780 and maybe a new processor. That being said it's not worth upgrading just because one game is shit optimized.
  16. Don't bother with the placebo fixes people post on this forum. It's all the game and nothing can be done on your end.
  17. Instynct

    Optimalization problem

    Don't waste any time trying petty placebo fixes on the forum. It's a problem with the game not your computer.
  18. Instynct

    Will my pc run ARMA 3 on ULTRA SETTINGS

    Will it run arma 3 in single player? Yeh fine Will it run arma 3 in multiplayer? If you like playing with 20 fps maxed then sure. I'd stay far away from this game and any bohemia game until they decided to rewrite their unoptimized engine.
  19. So you let a game be released that has such core fundamental issues? Sounds like a poor decision to me. Are you guys over there hurting that much for money?
  20. Instynct

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I saw this coming all the way from closed beta.... 1) Receive HIGH amount of feedback of low utilization and bad performance in beta stages 2) Ignore the problem until finally posting something like 'We are working on it' months later 3) Months later when release date comes, still ignore it and release the game like nothing is wrong 4) Flood of angry buyers 5) After release developer states the problem is too large and probably won't be solved Great development standards there bohemia. All the new vehicles in the world won't help the fact that the game is unplayable for many players in this state.
  21. You are just seeing performance changes based on the server you're joining.... I don't see why people can't understand that no amount of tweaking is going to fix the issue, it's a core engine flaw with arma 3 and the devs ignored it all through beta stages because it would require rewriting parts of the engine (All they ever wanted was your money)
  22. Is it possible to use structured text in a list box text? I want to right align some text in a list box Once again I can't find anything in this poorly documented engine.
  23. In fact I can't get it to work on any controls...
  24. That makes no sense. Nothing is wrong with steam.
  25. I've tried using it with a list box and the actual dialog itself.