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  1. I just notice something really... Idk, annoying, and un-emmersive. I was in the back seat of a Mohawk a second ago, and someone else was flying. I more specifically noticed the basice flight model of the helicopters isn't fluid enough. I was watching how terribly instantaneously the helicopter would pitch up an down from input of probably the keyboard. Now, what i'm getting at is that even in the Battlefield series, the helicopters over the internet were more fluid with movement from keys. So, i was thinking that the Helicopers should act more fluidly in movement, so it's less noticeable that someone is using a keyboard. It just looks really, really bad.

    It can be the connection, when you are in a vehicle you are connected directly to who is flying, so maybe it was his connection making everything not fluid.

    Also, I never saw someone using a keyboard to fly, what's the point?

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  2. Hello guys, my name is Antonio (23) just looking around because I want to make the big step from a small clan into a big one.

    I'm from Italy so European timezone, but American clans that plays in the afternoon should be fine as well, my English is not perfect as you can see, but I was a member of a British and an American clan before, so I should be able to talk and understand without many problems.

    I'm looking for a big simulative clan, I'm totally ok with ranks and all but not place where someone will shout on my face because I don't say "Sir" or because I don't ask permission to talk in teamspeak.

    I would like to join a clan with a good mod pack, that use first person, no map position etc, also I'm looking for a big clan because I would like to play as a Pilot, especially chopper, but playing as infantry when the Pilots are not needed it's not a problem.

    I can edit, even though I need to learn a lot about multi-player, 2 of my missions did pretty on the workshop (Ghosthawk Shift - Pedro 6) and I made "Arma's Nature" a little add-on that let you place down rocks, trees and plants in the editor.

    A big clan would be a new thing for me and I would be happy to learn new things and have fun!

    EDIT: Contacted, thanks all for the replies.

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  3. hi Antorugby,

    Interesting script which I like to use in one of my missions. But it seems there is a loop which prevents it from ending, how do you kill the sqf once it's running?

    Run the script like this:

    BattleSound = [] execVM "nameofthescript.sqf"

    And when you wanna kill it try with

    terminate BattleSound 

    But I'm not sure if it's gonna work, so you can try another method.

    First line of the script add

     BattleSound = true 

    Then change the

     while {true} 


     while {BattleSound}

    and when you don't want the script to run anymore just use a trigger or something else declaring:

     BattleSound = false 

    Hope I explained myself, just woke up and brain isn't running so well.

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  4. I have a script that I found online, I think it's an extract from the campaign, I'll post it in a couple of hours.

    Here it is:


    waitUntil {!isNull player};
    _unit = _this select 0;
    private ["_explosions"];
    _explosions =
    private ["_fireFights"];
    _fireFights =
    [_forEachIndex, _explosions, _fireFights] spawn
    	private ["_index","_explosions", "_fireFights"];
    	_index = _this select 0;
    	scriptName format ["initAmbientSounds.sqf: random sound playing - [%1]", _index];
    	_explosions = _this select 1;
    	_fireFights = _this select 2;
    	while {true} do
    		sleep (1 + random 59);
    		private ["_sound"];
    		_sound = if (random 1 < 0.5) then
    			_explosions call BIS_fnc_selectRandom
    			_fireFights call BIS_fnc_selectRandom
    		playSound _sound;
    forEach [0,1,2];

    Just call the script in a trigger and kill it when you don't want it to work anymore.

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  5. @Antorugby

    The C-130 isn't mine. You'd have to ask theebu for a 'walkable' version. (if I read that right) But you can not walk around in a moving vehicle technically. Or are you asking for just the teleport part?

    Yeah, I mean the C130 teleport in the air and you can walk around, that part.

    I tried to do it like it was done on Arma 2, with an object and the attachTo, but everytime I move go in the free fall animation.

    So I was thinking if you would release just that part or maybe if you can help me achieve that, even in private, but I understand perfectly if you won't, so no worries if you are not comfortable with it! :)

    Great addon anyway, I love it I'll continue to use it everytime I can!

  6. Oh man...

    I spawned without flashlight too, I tried to use mcc and go to the debug console so I could add one, and while I was doing it I was hearing all the sounds and the screams getting closer, it felt like I was really trying to find a flashlight inside my backpack under pressure.

    And that's not the worst thing, when I turned on the flashlight a fucking zombie was in front of me, I was shitting bricks.

    So just a couple of bug report for now, no flashlight and a couple of zombies stuck into the floor's hotel.

    Also if you wait for 30 seconds in the starting position you will die, and during the dead cam you will se an invisible zombie popping out below you.

    But I'm gonna play it again right now, 2 minutes played because I died, but I'm already loving it, great job.

  7. Good Sir, first of all, thank you for include this to the CH47E. Also, I would like to know if the fast rope is AI compatible. I mean, if they (the AI) will use it when I deploy the fast rope. Thank you.

    If you have an AI cargo just deploy the rope and they will use it.

    Also you can even make the AI fly and deploy the rope for you, or for AI cargo.

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  8. Well, IMO countries which aren't fond of making wars are more civilized countries than the others. That's a very personal opinion though :)

    Well I can understand this point of view, the Italian constitution doesn't allow war as an offensive option, even we partecipated in many wars in the last 50 years as peacekeeping.

    But trust me when I tell you that unfortunately we are not so civilized, Italians have a long road ahead.

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