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  1. Yep, i still have this, only thing i added to the config.sqf was : vas_onRespawn = true; vas_disableLoadSave = false; //Items to remove from VAS vas_r_items = ["muzzle_snds_H","muzzle_snds_B","muzzle_snds_L","muzzle_snds_H_MG"]; And still i get the message from the mission/server that the mission maker has disabled saves and loads, i was thinking that maybe if you limit some weapons then the save/load option gets disabled automatically? Update, solved it now, i saved the entire mission as another pbo file, and added enableSaving [false, false]; to the init.sqf, not sure what solved the problem, but it works now.
  2. Oh great! thanks man! i even see that you have it as an example in the config.sgf file hehe :D I got it working, i now have disabled silencers on my maps, but now i have a problem with not being able to save/load the loadouts... It says the mission maker has disabled this feature. Even tough i have vas_disableLoadSave = false; Very strange.
  3. Ok, cool i get it, so i have to list every item except the silencers in the open.sqf file if i want to exclude them (config.sqf since v 0.7?). If anyone could compile a complete conig.sqf file for me without silencers enabled then i would be greatfull lol.
  4. Hello! Im using this on my server/map, working great, and i love it! however i would want to be able to disable the use of silencers on the map/mission, how do i go about that?
  5. A guy from my arma community gave this code to implement for the function i want : But i still cant implement it, i dont understand what to do.
  6. Hello all! My first post here, yesterday i made my first "Sector Controll" multiplayer mission, since its my fist mission i started off small, i have made 4 controll points inside Stratis Airbase, these switch colors on the Map depending on what team controll the zones, and a message display who controlls the zones. The triggers are (i have 4 of these for 4 zones to be controlled on the map so this is the Bluefor example of the Hangar zone) : This works great for the four zones i created around the Airbase, the colours of the zone switches depending on who controll the zones etc, and the map got very popular quite quickly! but now i would like to add some winning conditions to the map, the winning condition im after is that if one teams controlls all the zones/triggers then the mission should end. Any ideas on how to do this? im a complete noob at scripting. If all Markers/Triggers/Zones are controlled by one team, then i want the mission to end! P.S Someone was able to spawn an helicopter on my map, even tough i havent added any helicopters, was that hacking or is it something i missed to disable? ---------- Post added at 15:47 ---------- Previous post was at 14:52 ---------- I was thinking since i allready have 4 markers/zones that is switching colors due to my triggers (black = neutral, blue=bluefor, red=opfor) then i could maybe add a winning condition that says "if marker 1,2,3,4 = blue then bluefor wins, if marker 1,2,3,4 = red then opfor wins). But i have no idea how to actually implement it.