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    Take tips from The Last of Us

    I don't think the ARMA 3 engine is capable of that kind of fluidity.
  2. Zak757

    Digital battlefield and futuretech

    This stuff is 10 times stronger then kevlar. If you make guns 10 times more powerful, you'll end up with a bunch of warped barrels and broken shoulders. There is a hard limit to how much recoil can be reduced. Nobody is wondering why we can't play as Iron Men or Space Marines with bolters and plasma rifles, they are wondering why nothing in the 2035 battlefield is different from the 2003 battlefield. They still use fucking paper maps, for god sakes. This game is sure "somewhat realistic" alright. Emphasis on somewhat. My gaming computer from 10 years ago is a third as power as the phone in my pocket which isn't even a centimeter thick, and the trends in technology are only rising.
  3. You know those are cancelled during the mission when objectives change right? Literally the first thing that happens is your goal of landing being cancelled in favor of destroying a convoy. Did you even play it?
  4. Zak757

    Tips on flying a helicopter?

    Just grab a cheap joystick from an electronics store, you don't need a fancy one for ARMA if you want to fly. You can get a decent one for under 40$.
  5. It took me awhile, but my rampant OCD managed to get me there. http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/4287/2013040100001d.jpg (364 kB) The goal is simple, you just have to finish the Helicopter Showcase mission under 6 minutes. Has anyone else managed this?
  6. Yes please, the flight model has always been a little lacking for ARMA!
  7. Zak757

    Digital battlefield and futuretech

    It's a fairly pessimistic view of the world by 2035 but still pretty realistic (aside from the fact we still use paper maps, wtf?). I don't think augumented reality, exoskeletons, cloaking vehicles, genetic modification, ETC tank cannons, or robotics are going to be a big part of future warfare in this timeframe, regardless if they are available (we already have thermal cloaking armor in testing but it is as expensive as hell). I think Bohemia just wanted to move the timeframe forward so we don't have yet another modern military FPS with Russians and terrorists in it, and thank god for that. I'm still a little disappointed this isn't a Ghost in the Shell/Deus Ex cyborg simulator, that wouldn't appeal to the ARMA crowd of course. :p There is a good chance we'll have this body armor by 2035 which would pretty much make infantry weaponry (short of 14.5mm AMR's) obselete, so it is probably good they took a pessimistic view of the future.
  8. It's not really anything I had problem with, I (personally) just found the year a really odd time to set ARMA 3 in. ARMA is a military simulator designed to be relevant to real world combat as well as cater to actual soldiers right? Well ARMA 3 certainly is, with the only changes in warfare really being slightly more modern ammunition like 6.5mm Grendel and some more angular vehicle designs. That's the odd thing I find with it though. I imagine by 2037, warfare would have changed a fairly significant degree. The use of things like robots, drones, networked computers, vehicle mounted tactical lasers, electrothermal-chemical firearms, exoskeletons, or possibly even minor human augumentation would likely be a big part of the battlefield. But ARMA 2 and ARMA 3, despite being 30 years apart (quite a long time mind you), are pretty much exactly the same, with ARMA 3 just being more streamlined. It's probably just me bring a Deus Ex/Ghost in the Shell/Metal Gear nerd, but I found the time period a little off for the setting. Why 2037 instead of, say, 2015? The ARMA verse pretty much split from our timeline anyway with the war in Chernarus and the continuation of the RAH-66 program.
  9. I have a Logitech 3D Extreme Pro, which should be close enough. Did you bind your joystick slider to (Analog) Collective? The bottom two controls on the helicopter menu are specifically designed for joystick throttles.