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  1. Thanks man.. will see what happens... right now pkl gets all my love..
  2. THIS! I don't create free artwork for those guys to line their pockets.
  3. VIDDA is now permanently on hold or cancelled. I'm tired and sick of LIFERPG cretins who don't respect licenses, ask for permision, don't get them and still steal my shit. This entirely drains my inspiration for doing this at all. Will be back with more as the situation develops. PKL is still in the works and there will be a BIG update soon!
  4. Short preview of what is coming on the lower PKL river. (this is highly work in progress and very much lacking in roads, paths and object placement related to people living there. Put on your favourite Nam war music because i goofed and the audio was lost..
  5. bludski

    .xyz vs .tiff for heightmaps

    Importing and generating terrain from TIF is fine. Exporting to TIF is going to be very lossy. Resizing ASC is problematic. Say if you import asc that is lower resolution than your map frame, you will get weird geometry. Resizing from TIF is fine as it will interpolate. Using TIF is perfectly good BEFORE you have had it inside TB. All my terrains have been TIF before I put the height into TB. As per usual, HG speaks truth.
  6. Massive changes to PKL coming in the next patch.. here's some sneaky peaky! https://imgur.com/a/0WVtvVh <- gallery
  7. I have put Vidda on the shelf for a little while to give PKL some long needed love. There will be massive changes and I think you will like them: If you have been following the progress with my Cambodia experiments for some time, you probably know of my other jungle terrain experiments. I have decided to take the best and most playable ideas from them and put them in PKL. This will result in a slightly more open layout but with denser patches of jungle than the massive forest it used to be. This should give a lot more options for gameplay and let you use higher view ranges. Evergrowing gallery of wip pics: https://imgur.com/a/jHUiI79 https://twitter.com/bludclouds Be sure to follow me on twitter if you want to keep up with changes. Some times I do polls to see what you guys think about ideas there too.
  8. Are you using Shacktac UI? If so then update it to the latest version. Other mods that work similarly to it may also cause this issue.
  9. About the snow: It might return later.. This is ALPHA afterall.. The problem is deep in the engine. If I can come up with a hacky way where the snow clutters don't stand out like it does at any other time than noonish, then it might return. That entirely depends on fakery and is nothing I can spend further time on doing. I might include an optional pbo to return it if there is demand. But it will be in the broken state it was before. The clutter model is still included.
  10. bludski

    Question about real satellite image

    Altis is NOT created with a satellite image directly imported. The BI maps are made with textures and patterns, painted in photoshop using various masks and other techniques based and depending on object placement. Straight imported sat imagery need a LOT of processing to look decent.
  11. It was removed. edit: Because I can't get it to match up with the terrain shading in more than half the day cycle and that is using the grass shader. The other shaders are even worse for the purpose as they don't even use the terrain shading.
  12. Barely working water tiles isn't very interesting.. there probably won't be any lakes but some sort of sites instead...
  13. If you look for roads that don't appear to lead anywhere on the map view and in "basements" you should probably find them ;)The bunker objects themselves are set to not show on the map view for a reason ;)
  14. Thanks my dudes! The houses will have some working doors and breakable glass in an update or two.. Soon as I get my desktop up and running properly again!
  15. My OS ssd died yesterday. I didn't lose any data and nothing related to my projects as they are on a dedicated drive. I'm currently running windows off of an ancient, slow 100gb laptop hd, just to have the computer up and running. I'm basically just short a vital drive to run software off of. I will update vidda on steam with the latest changes this week (probably done by the time you read this) but I have no idea when I can resume work as I need a proper drive to work with and I can't afford that in at least another two weeks. edit: @TeTeT , @laxemann , @k4ble , @cring0 , @alky_lee , @Private Evans and two others (who didn't leave their nickname and I don't want to put in real names) donated towards a replacement! Thanks a whole lot for that my friends! If anyone else wants to help out, you can donate to my paypal. Any small amount is really helpful! edit2: Now updated on workshop.
  16. Some times you have to make those super small details... https://imgur.com/a/deYFWQv
  17. House with tacticool roof access and dual purpose balcony/elevated firing position. https://imgur.com/a/KBfhK9q <- album
  18. Stuff is on schedule.. Update probably late tomorrow. That is if everything goes to plan with complete rebuild of tiles. Some pics up in here: https://imgur.com/a/OiQrJ7P
  19. Big Vidda update coming very soon!
  20. Another quick house on the way: https://imgur.com/a/ukYaZXD
  21. New house placed in total 78 locations on vidda. https://imgur.com/a/hx3Nvvt Will create variations in different colours later. The current state red version shows up in the next workshop update. At some point, Tetet will create configs, working front doors and breakable windows for it.
  22. Experimenting with some more local looking housing.. https://imgur.com/a/daawocX
  23. bludski


    No worries :) just close this thread .. anyone interested in VIDDAm check out this thread:
  24. Hi guys! Like last year around this time I announced my jungle, PKL, this year is no different.. Some of you have followed my experiments the last few years in creating some terrains from my homelands without being able to make publishable results. My goal is to recreate the environment I see if I go 1 hour east of my hometown into the mountains. I have finally found some suitable map frame specs and a location that is interesting and unique enough to make it worth my time and effort completing. That in addition to the multitude of problems with seriously aging game engine technology and Arma specific limitations in RV has me finally landing on the following: This is VIDDA: 12x12km with 3m cel size (terrain detail) Norwegian mountain tundra in the summer. Altitude varies from 800-1200 meters. Almost the entire terrain is above tree limit altitude but some spread small forest areas are added to the lowest valleys for gameplay options.(subject to change as custom veg is decided upon) Midnight sun because above the polar circle. (Locals should approve :)) 1 Village with most facilities 1 Border crossing 1 military base with long runway More info: Though it has snow, this terrain is set in the summer. The area looks like this from october to march. If it was a winter terrain, roads would look like this. Even in the spring it can be a chore to keep roads open. Some times a LOT of the snow sticks around for the summer. You can go skiing all year round and when the sun is shining you can wear a tshirt and pick flowers next to the snow. If you are into that sort of thing. The terrain itself is imported from LIDAR scans but heavily altered proportionally to conform to Arma limitations and to maintain expected funcitonality, mainly regarding AI. It has been scaled down slightly in area and significantly vertically.. Nobody likes ai tanks driving down vertical cliffs 500m tall right? Or Howabout when AI choppers fly into a cliff for no reason? The snow on the terrain is of the kind that will stay all through the year and is practically ice in terms of interacting with it. Hit one of them with a vehicle and the vehicle will be affected more than the snow pile. This is authentic. 3m cel size allows for nice snow piles being formed and tactical possibilities with them are endless. Hulldown vehicles, hiding infantry, sneaking up on the enemy and the tactical possibilities with using terrain detail to your advantage are the same as on PKL. In the actual terrains, there are very few structures and only one road. It is from a national park area. For Arma fun reasons, I've added pretty much everything required on a terrain however. This being much easier to do than recreating a settled area. This means that every area that would be a big pond or a smal lake, have been transformed into settlements or other industrial are/mil installation. In my older Norway terrain attemps, Not having placeable water above sea level has been one of my biggest headaches as water is vital in an area defined by it. Small bodies of water are on the way however as the community has come up with some solutions to that. The terrain coordinates have been placed a few degrees further north to accentuate the arctic lighting. Currently working on rewriting lighting configs.. more on that later. The first public iteration of the terrain will be up on my workshop before spring. After that it will follow a cycle similar to PKL, as they alternate in priority. Gameplay wise you can expect pretty much the same as my second favourite map ever, Takistan but with mountain vegetation and snow patches instead of sand. With a similar feel and enough terrain detail to accurately recreate the actual terrain I grew up in.. It takes More than half an hour to drive the main road within speed limits from end to end and an AI in a hatchback does it in 15-18 minutes if his waypoint is set to fastest. Ai perfectly navigate via roads from end to end of the terrain with single waypoints. Technically the terrain is playable as it is currently, but I need to add a few layers of vegetation, rocks and other objects (as many custom as possible becuase native plants, geology etc) before a release to the public. All of the objects also need to be appended to terrain masks and imagery too. I will post pics and info updates in here as I go. For more up to date stuff, you can find me on twitter. Happy New Year! More coming shortly! Daytime. Midnight sun. View from one of the highest peaks. Midnight sun Outside terrain matches the mountains as much as possible to enhance jet gameplay. It sort of makes the terrain feel vast when you are at altitude. This done instead of coastline as coastline would remove at least 1/3 of the map frame due to procedural terrain and the look didn't work. There are enough islands out there with mountains. The north eastern part of the terrain by the old soviet border crossing has mostly flat tundra that can allow you to build airstrips or outside the map staging areas for larger scale ops. Enough area is left outside the border fence that improvised strips can be placed there aswell but still within a narrow strip of the mapframe (compatibility with ALiVE etc). In the videos below, there are 100s of ai and over 50 ai vehicles going about their day. 8km view range and 2.5km objects. MEDIA: My new years resolution, white lie, pinkypromise thing is to release this terrain to the public asap.
  25. Manportable jetpack with superntouchy heli flight model would be sweet though...,. Also with lasers..