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  1. ព្រៃខ្មោចលង | Prei Khmaoch Luong A small, dense jungle province of Cambodia. The terrain is designed exclusively for LRRP, infantry combat, UH insertions and LOH. 1960-79 were years of conflict. Viet-Nam war, incursions and presidential lies, a Khmer Rouge regime ended by the Vietnamese forces and the Golden Triangle drug trade network have all left their mark. This is the first terrain to be released to the public of the Cambodian Playground Project. The terrain is a work in progress. It has taken a year to get this far and it will probably take six more months before it is completed and fully featured. Features: 8x8km custom objects custom textures massive entrenchments and fortified hilltops brown rivers custom native buildings/stilted huts several villages and plantationsTechnical: This map is intended for close combat in a dense jungle environment and thus requires you to configure your settings accordingly. 1000m object and 2km view range is enough. Anybody with a reasonable computer and correct settings will get good fps with this terrain. That being said, this is a map with 2017 release and is benched for 2016 computers, the visual detail level is made to be enjoyed on large resolution monitors and larger render resolutions. Known issues: Any bugs, things not working and weird object placement is due to area with them not being finished. There are many such. No need to report. If you find an issue, I know about it already. There are thousands ;) AI drivers will ignore the bridges more often than not, ai some times ignore houses. Will be fixed later. Fixes will be done randomly without announcement. Major updates happen monthly or slower. I only answer contact through my youtube channel or BI forums if I don't personally know you. No random friend requests please. It has been a year since I started this project now, beginning with PKL (minus two weeks or so) and almost six months since last public update. A LOT has changed since then. Ideas from people who use it has come in. I've watched as many videos as I could find or get sent to me and I've done a vast amount of research and experiments. All or some of this has led to the following changes. (actual changes are in the hundreds of thousands so you're going to have to explore to see.) All ruins have been removed. May return in a later version.. If you follow this thread you know already. All Tanoa rocks have been removed and replaced with another solution. All roads have been upgraded to make room for small and medium vehicles and enhanced with new textures and more shiny wetness. Almost all riverbeds have been upgraded and vegetation opened up to allow for more LOH oriented possibilites. Every single area and settlement has had some level of changes and improvements. More military locations in progress. ~200.000 vegetation objects and a similar number of rocks and cliffs have been removed or replaced to improve performance. The lower river area has rice farms started and will slowly have all available area converted into such. Massive rethink of the terrain to allow for vehicle based gameplay to the cost of less on foot detail. Several new areas opened up. AAA/artillery site added for OPFOR on western side. The following are my plans for PKL towards next major update: High detail rice. My buddy @Kimchi is going to Cambodia in the very near future and will help me create some detail photo studies of various rice. Finalized native buildings. New native buildings and pagoda. More hidden opfor installations. New vegetation models, in clusters for high performance to make the jungle more dense. Bamboo. Local Boats. (props and ones that work) Random Current stats: 910.000 objects where more than 700.000 of them were placed by hand. ~2000 people live in the area in approximately 600 simple homes. They probably dont' approve of what you are doing. There are 3 military police stations. Mud roads cover over 100km and there are 70km of foot paths and riverbeds in various sizes. You can fly single digit altitude between every major and most other locations in a littlebird. FINAL HOLIDAY UPDATE GALLERY All screens were taken with 8km view range and 2500m object distance, providing me 40-60 fps on my system. The holiday update is currently being tested and finalized and will be up on steam within hours of this post. If you enjoy my content, wish to see more, want to support me or show appreciation, any size donation to my paypal is greatly appreciated and everything goes to cover expenses, software licenses or hardware. Happy holidays and don't get malaria! -blud LEGAL NOTICE! READ THIS! FAILURE TO READ MEANS I OWN YOUR SOUL ETERNAL! THIS ADDON IS RELEASED UNDER A CREATIVE COMMONS CC-AT-NC-ND 3.0 UNPORTED LICENSE. YOU MAY NOT USE THIS ON MONETIZED SERVERS! Download on steam workshop! Please do not "mirror" this anywhere. Hotfixes happen without notification. I only support downloads from steam. Special thanks to TeTeT, Lappihuan, Uro, Pennyworth, Kimchiguy, Mikero, Orcinus, Frankie, Mondkalb and the rest of the homies for the help and moral support! Additional Info: This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except for the original IP-Owner ("bludclot"). This means: You are NOT allowed to upload it to the Steam-Workshop! Do yourself a favor and create a Steam Workshop Collection, it makes yours (and all other lives) much more easier.
  2. This thread will serve as WIP thread for #RHSKATYA, #RHSPKL and #RHSVIDDA. Yes. My projects have merged with RHS and the coming updates will be hosted in the RHS workshop in the future. Other people in the team will contribute various things and it is up to them if they want to show their work in various stages. More info shortly.
  3. Short answer: No and there never will be. Legacy version will never be updated either and if something happens to A3 that makes the map unusable, it will not be fixed. No comment. I don't know anything abuot any such a thing. RHSPKL update is coming when I have time, I don't have much of that at the moment. Vidda was going to be moved to RHS but that will not happen now as I am way too sick of the project. 100s of DMCA sent to lifemod rippers who want to monetize it simply took away all the fun of making it as I spent more time having to deal with that than actually working on it. RHSPKL doesn't have even close to as much of that going on and 99.9% of rhspkl users are simply sweethearts 🙂 I really want to finish RHSPKL but after moving to CZ for work, I don't have much time unfortunately.
  4. You read it here first! It has been almost a year since the last update to #RHSPKL and with the announcement of a particular nam themed dlc, AND to celebrate the terrain hitting 100k current users on steam. There will be an update coming this month! Some screens from next update by il_padrino.
  5. Nope. Still too much work to administer and not a process I'm interested in. What happens with that is entirely up to my teammates.
  6. None except giving you just a small window of daylight.
  7. Well the likelyhood of me ever touching vidda again is slim to none. Largely because the fun of it was taken away by a lot of lifemod #%#$%@#@# who kept stealing, monetizing, reuploading and modifying it and claiming it and parts of it as their own creation. The only map I am interested in working on any time soon is #RHSPKL. Mostly only sweethearts use it.
  8. I think @Uro made something like that long ago...
  9. I don't care what people do on their own. Shacktac uses their own snow stuff for the map I've noticed and i have seen videos of the others doing the same. There are several mods that do that replacement.
  10. I did do some experiments making believable snow back in the day but it didn't work as well as I hoped because of differences in light on the clutter made it stand out too much. Imo it did add tons to immersion though.
  11. I would make something like that if it was possible. The whole landscape is quite different in the winter but alas, without proper snow tech in the engine, the spent effort is wasted time for me. From the same area. It is quite different when covered in tens of meters of snow. Note the distant cliffs in the pic above with the red jacket. same ones as below in the summer.
  12. Are you trying to teach me how the weather works where I grew up? It is not the ice age..... I just explained how it works above. 🤦‍♂️
  13. Time will tell. Since I started working at BI, and there is only so much creative energy to spend, it all goes into work. Work hasn't ended in the RHS terrain basement however and we have @cring0 on board to take over for me a little. More about that later.
  14. No. That is what a collection is for.
  15. The map is set in summer and it wouldn't snow. If it was a winter map, everything would be buried in meters of snow. This is what roads look like in the real area in the winter: The snow on vidda is what doesn't get time to melt during summer.
  16. Hey guys! If you are anything like me you have a love and hate relationship with Buldozer. My main pet peeve ever since I started making terrains over a year ago has been precision of placing objects and selecting them within BD. Well here is my cure. I've made a few high precision cursor models that will let you place and manipulate the smallest of objects, Runway lights and similar. There are currently 3 different ones but more will be added. Personally I only use the small one depicted here. DOWNLOAD: INSTRUCTIONS: Back up your p:\core\cursor\cursor.p3d Pick one of the cursors in the zip file, rename it to cursor.p3d and replace the original. Enjoy!
  17. Thanks but I am aware of every single issue :3 no need to report. Unfinished means merely unfinished 🙂
  18. Your post was probably deleted because you asked what you are asking which is against the rules. We post that info when and if we feel like it.
  19. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1978754337 🙂
  20. No worries:) everywhere on the map changed a little and some places changed entirely.. It shouldn't be a problem making old missions work however as the main river and strongholds are the same but improved :3
  21. RHSPKL will be compatible in the sense that you can make them run on the map but almost all the wilderness from the old version have now been turned into new wilderness or new settlements so that depends entirely on the mission.
  22. Hi guys. These are my tips and tricks for terrain making for the intermediate to advanced terrain creator. Any replies to this post will be deleted by a moderator and I will not respond to any questions here. Everything I do and my entire method can be surmised from this guide. If there is something you don't understand, go back to the PMC guide or learn some computer gfx basics. Look here for some free gfx educational material: https://www.3dbuzz.com/?fbclid=IwAR0mzUzEwUA4hI_kK6nOce_c7008vzJUd-tS7Su_VAGoUAPWsnHk5inqhTQ This is NOT a terrainmaking tutorial. Snakeman has got that covered with the PMC tutorials. This is simply supplementary information to it and this guide is more like answers to the questions I get most frequently. All your questions will be answered in the official A3 discord server, terrain_makers channel by me or somebody competent. If @HorribleGoat says it, you can bet money on it being true. I write this guide to not have to answer the same quiestions over and over. If somebody doesnt answer you right away in the discord, they are afk and will respond when they see your post. Spamming is rude so please don't 🙂 By reading this guide you agree to my terms which are very simple and as follows: Pay it forward! Information wants to be free. DO follow the excellent PMC tutorial by SnakeMan to the letter. DON'T trust any others. Anything I write here will assume you know ALL the basic information provided in that tutorial. It is the only one without errors and we all contribute to keep it current. There are other tutorials out there but they are riddled with misinformation and errors. If you have done the above, already gotten your first terrain into the game to learn the basics and you now want to start your big dream project, this post is for you! The tips posted here will by no means be the only or the "right" way to do things, but rather how I do it plus some confirmed methods BI use to get their maps to look how they do.(Thanks a lot Ivan!) I will also assume you have a basic knowledge of image editors What I intend to cover: Normal maps, Object placement, Buldozer, Photoshop, misc Terrain Builder. Texturing, clutter, performance and many other things. This guide is a work in progress and as I work on my own terrains, I will add more information as it occurs to me. TERMINOLOGY HAVE A PLAN! FOLDER STRUCTURE TILES and MAPFRAME SAT, MASK AND NORMAL MAPS (TILES/LAYERS) NORMAL MAPS! GROUND TEXTURES MID TEXTURE DECALS ROADS AI CONSIDERATIONS THINGS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER HARD EARNED EXPERIENCE I will add more content very soon. This post might get extensive and each bit of info will be in their own spoiler. What I will NOT cover: Modeling. Configs. Packing your terrain. Real world data.
  23. 01.02.20 Updated. Added middle_mco and folder structure sections.
  24. It is still available on steam.. That one just won't be updated anymore. We are just fixing some performance things and then RHSPKL 0.5 is released!