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  1. Im really not sure if anyone else has noticed that the mil dots have a different spread within different scopes making certain techniques difficult when switching between snipers, although it was the first time I found it out and couldn't find anything else about it so I decided to make a quick video about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T_fhXmqUOY Hope it helps & Thank you for your time! :)
  2. To win an Alpha lite key please click on the link below and click Like and Comment on my Youtube video, I have a spare and will choose a winner at random in a few days :)
  3. If I am behind cover and am using the adjust button, if I quickly need to move cover and reset my body position is there any way to do it? As I used turbo to move to different cover as an enemy was approaching from behind but then as soon as I stopped sprinting I was still awkwardly leaning while trying to defend myself :( if there isn't I would like to suggest that the adjust feature should reset your position or posture once you let go of Ctrl.