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  1. Any word on Enemy AI being tweaked? I would like to see a Tab in the settings, for the enemy. Little slider bars for each stat... slide left or right, weak to strong for each one, Aiming, Spotting, Hearing etc. As it is now I am unable to complete the SCUBA mission. :( No matter what I do, the enemy is able to spot me, and I have been trying some insane things to get that darn AA launcher. My last attempt (19th one), I climbed the hill to the NNE of the AA Launcher camp, 623m away from it, hailed artillary to the center of the camp, Artillary shells land, and the entire camp makes a B' line right to me. WTF? How are they able to know where I am? I can't get that damn launcher! :(
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    rotatable compass on the map

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    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Very nice post! The work that went into such a "Quick" post, as you call your work, shows your dedication. Thought it was my settings till I saw this post. Keep up the great work! :)