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    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    So how does United Operations work? Do teams just contact each other and look for scrims and participate in the community tournaments hosted every now and then? Or is it a community solely based on the tournaments?
  2. Shadowesh

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    Dang that looks good. Is that on ARMA 3? I see the watermark on the bottom saying ARMA 3 alpha but I thought Wasteland was only for ARMA 2? Anyways, that looks like the sort of gameplay I want in vanilla ARMA 3, not the whole surviving with food and stuff part, but especially that stuff the squad did near the end with the double sided flanking and stuff and taking out enemies. I can just imagine it in a no-respawn clan vs clan elimination game. *had to take youtube link off, not a member for 1 day yet >.<
  3. Shadowesh

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    Hey guys, OP here. When I said the competitive PVP scene I didn't mean like hardcore MLG tournaments and stuff. But sort of community organized mini-tournaments or just random clan wars/scrims (whatever they would like to call them in ARMA). These sort of pvp scenes existed mainly in less heard of games like Mount and Blade Warband and somewhat oldies like Star Wars Battlefront 2 (for those of you who remember >.<). I'm definitely not talking about COD/CS/BF level competitive scenes. Also when I ask about ARMA 3 PVP I don't mean mods like wasteland that change the core of the game. I mean like will the clan PVP for the vanilla ARMA 3 be good. Will there be clans fighting each other on a big maps in squads, with firefights and flanking and sniping full tactics with no respawn? ...If you guys sort of get what I'm trying to say :P
  4. Hi, I am considering buying ARMA 3 off steam right now because it looks amazing and I want to join a clan and play some competitive scrims and stuff. It looks like a game that would be good for it. However I did some research about the competitive or just pvp scene of the game and it turns out that in the past, the pvp scene has always been poor and unpopular in previous ARMA games due to some mechanics of the game. So my question is, will ARMA 3 be different? Will their be lots of clans that will scrim each other? Will there be a legitimate PVP scene or will it be just COOP VS AI all the time? Thanks.