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    New guy here, have lots of questions?

    For voice, you can use the mic on all channels..but it only comes through the channel you're on. Incase you don't know you can change channels with < (,) and > (.) Note: those are the default controls...so unless you changed them that will work :)
  2. SpreadTheBlood

    ARMA2/OA/CO/Demo/Free/TOH on WINE/Linux!

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I thought getting Arma to run on linux was hopeless..hope I can get it working :bounce3:
  3. SpreadTheBlood

    Vehicles should be faster off road and in turns.

    Very glad to hear this :) Though I still feel it should be patched in the previous games..for example while playing DayZ taking a "shortcut" never helps escape the zombies because of how slow the vehicle drives off road xD