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  1. So I randomly started getting this "No message received" error on only 1 virtual server box from my arma unit. It started happening around October, but was fine playing on the same server for almost 2 years prior with no errors. What happens is that I join the server, randomly anywhere from 5 mins up to 50 mins I will eventually get a "No Message Received" error then eventually lose connection to the server. It happens only on the servers hosted on this one particular virtual machine, every other server I join hosted on other boxes, I have no issues with. Also no one else has this issue when they're playing on this server but I'm the only one who will eventually lose connection every single time. I have the last .rpt file from when I tried joining the server today but it is fairly large so if someone needs to see it to see if there is anything at all in it then I will post it. If anyone has absolutely any idea on how to troubleshoot this, please let me know, thanks.
  2. I noticed when I set the map time to night; Using a flashlight is extremely dim. Vehicle's headlights shine barely 4 meters in front of them and are extremely dim as well. Helicopter's search light can't be seen on the ground when im flying, also the collision lights are barely noticeable as well. Tracer rounds can barely be seen at all at night. Lights on buildings like the airfield base and the runway can barely be seen at all. In general all the light sources at night are useless. Was wondering if there was a fix or it's just a bug for now. Also I did do a search before posting and found nothing. Feeback Tracker: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=4810