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  1. hey guys, i have a question. Idk, if this has been answered somewhere in the previous 130 pages, and I didn't want to have to read through all of it, so please don't get angy. I installed IFA3 using PlayWithSix and its automatic install. It downloaded, converted and did its thing. The mod runs perfectly when I launch it using PlayWithSix. However, I don't like having to have a completely separate program open in order to launch it, (it bugs me somewhat that I have to have steam open anyways), so I launched A3 and tried adding the folders using in-game mod/expansion tab, using the same order that it showed them in when I used PlayWithSix (@LIB_DLC_1, @IF_Other_Addons, @IF, @CBA, @IFA3SA, @IFA3M, @IFA3). I restarted the game but now, I get an error message "Addon AiA_CharacterItems" requires addon AiA_BaseConfig_F". My question is partly how to fix this, and partly is PlayWithSix doing something else behind the scenes when it launches that clears this up? Anyways thanks for the help. IFA3 is amazing!
  2. Quick question. Will 2.7 have new aircraft, or just performance/gameplay tweeks to the existing ones? I remember several months ago seeing some pics for several new planes including the Waco glider, are these planning on being released before you make the switch to A3? If not, would it be possible for you to include them in a WIP folder, if only as a prop? I've been dying to make a mission involving gliders but have had be content with using 31stNormandy's WIP horsa glider that is years old. Thanks for everything you guys have done. A2 maybe a dwindling community but I know that I, and probably others like me will continue to play I44 on A2 for a long while until you guys get it up and running on A3. Again thanks, for a great mod!
  3. Hey, thanks EggBeast, Savage. @EggBeast if its not too much trouble could you pm me the script you use to add the backpacks so I can add it to the mission I'm making?
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the reply. I had another quick question, that may or may not have already been asked. I read that 2.5 runs using the Arma2 OA/CO, does that mean that you'll be able to use backpacks and stuff like that from OA/CO? Also just an aside, I've been playing Uns 2.0 and found that the regular AI soldiers don't ever shoot at helicopters. The heli's take absolutely no ground fire when coming in to make a landing. But as soon as the skids touch down all hell breaks loose. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for the help! Can't wait for 2.5
  5. Great work!!!! Simply mouth-wateringly AMAZING!!!!! I can't wait for the release. I had a question though, idk if it has been asked before so if so please disregard this. Are there any plans for an ACAV version of the M113? I was just watching the latest vid, and thought how badazz it would be alongside the Sheridan and others. Keep up the great work!!!!
  6. Hey, I'm new here, though I've been playing Arma2 for several years. I don't know if this is the spot for this or not, so move it if needed, I don't mean to repost if this has already been covered. I recently just downloaded CWR2 and was playing with it and found that there were a few sound irregularities. Most notably for the weapons already incorporated by BIS. When using weapons such as the M2 HMG, M60, PKM, and M249 I found the sounds new and amazing. But when the AI used them they used the same base sounds used by BIS. I usually play with multiple addons, that sometimes may conflict with each other, but I went back and tested it with the base Arma 2 w/ CBA, and CWR2. Same result. Is this an issue on my end or is this a bug?